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Use I PLAN TO to Building English Sentences

Uses of "I plan to" in English

Using "I plan to" to describes something you would like to do in the near future.

Here are some examples of using "I Plan to" in building English sentences.

  1. As discussed last month, I plan to use Deterministic Finite Automaton (DFA) to compile the proxy.
  2. How relevant is this topic I plan to teach?
  3. I am in two minds. I plan to write a comment on the great writer F. Scott Fitzgerald but it is not easy.
  4. I plan to absorb water celery soup and beef cutlet.
  5. I plan to adopt a child.
  6. I plan to be a social worker.
  7. I plan to breastfeed the baby and would like to begin nursing very shortly after birth.
  8. I plan to buy a flat on easy terms.
  9. I plan to change to a domestically made car.
  10. I plan to consider these questions as they relate to the human need to create and maintain self-identity in a social context.
  11. I plan to do all the things I've been meaning to do for ages.
  12. I plan to find a new apartment.
  13. I plan to get a few lessons in.
  14. I plan to graduate in July.
  15. I plan to impress my boss.
  16. I plan to learn new things.
  17. I plan to look for the mushroom.
  18. I plan to make an excursion to Smith for a few days.
  19. I plan to put down new sheet vinyl in my kitchen.
  20. I plan to read a book.
  21. I plan to relax on vacation.
  22. I plan to rework the whole song.
  23. I plan to save more money.
  24. I plan to stay for a week.
  25. I plan to stop off in the village and have a bite to eat.
  26. I plan to surprise my parents.
  27. I plan to take biochemistry this semester.
  28. I plan to take physical chemistry this term.
  29. I plan to wash my car.
  30. I plan to watch a movie.
  31. Tanganyikans in small tanks Q I plan to set up a tank for Tanganyikan cichlids.
  32. The twenty - seventh is my birthday, I plan to put up a marquee and throw a party.
  33. Tomorrow will be my daughter's birthday I plan to give an evening party to chirk her up.
  34. When I die, I plan to be place an nature in a shallow hole and become fertilizer for a dogwood tree.

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