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Use I HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE to Build Sentences

Uses of "I have + past participle" in English

You use "I have" to show possession or something acquired by adding "past participle" you are informing someone of a past or completed action you have done.

Here examples of using "I Have + Past Participle" in English:

  1. I am not now that which I have been.
  2. I have done it.
  3. I have driven a car.
  4. I have eaten at that restaurant before.
  5. I have established a good working relationship with my boss.
  6. I have flown in an airplane.
  7. I have forgiven you.
  8. I have forgotten the words.
  9. I have heard that before.
  10. I have read that book.
  11. I have received a private commission to paint the prince's family.
  12. I have seen you before.
  13. I have tied a label on.
  14. I have told them with absolute certainty there'll be no change of policy.
  15. I have written a letter.
  16. What I have done is due to patient thought.

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