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Use I'M HERE TO to Build Sentences

Using "I'm here to" in English

Using "I'm here to" to tell someone that you are in a certain place to get something done.

Here are the examples of using "I'm Here to" in English:

  1. "I'm here to make them feel good," he says expansively.
  2. I'm here to see the purchasing agent.
  3. But, there is some science involved and I'm here to tell you about the science and history of shortbread .
  4. Hi, I'm here to see Mary Jorgensen.
  5. I came on business before, but this time I'm here to sightsee .
  6. I know you're having hard time and I'm here to take care of you.
  7. I work for the health authorities now and I'm here to close this pizzeria.
  8. I'm here to apply for the job.
  9. I'm here to establish business relations with your company.
  10. I'm here to find out if they can 3D print my Crescent wrench.
  11. I'm here to help you.
  12. I'm here to look at her throat on the chance that she might have diphtheria and possibly die of it.
  13. I'm here to please you, i am your man. every day, every night, i hold you tight.
  14. I'm here to please you, I am your man. Every day, every night, I hold you tight.
  15. I'm here to please you.
  16. I'm here to raise awareness for cancer.
  17. I'm here to receive my gift.
  18. I'm here to receive the award. 
  19. I'm here to represent the business circles of Japan.
  20. I'm here to sightsee.
  21. I'm here to start the job.
  22. I'm here to support all your decisions.
  23. I'm here to take a test. 
  24. I'm here to watch a movie.
  25. I'm here to welcome you to the neighborhood.
  26. I'm here to work on your computer.
  27. Make no bones about it, I'm here to shape the team that Alan wants.

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