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Use HOW COME to Build Sentences

Learn to Use "How Come" to Build Sentences

When you use "how come" you are asking why a certain thing happened or had to happen. It means "how is that".

Here are 46 examples to use "how come" in English:

  1. "How come we never know what's going on?" he groused.
  2. BOY: How come so many crayfish live under the rocks and stuff?
  3. Hebe: How come the Japanese yen has inflated so much?
  4. How come all the freshmen get to do as a club member is reserving the court?
  5. How come blackbirds and thrushes and pied wagtails are unaffected?
  6. How come Dave's home? Isn't he feeling well?
  7. How come green gas smells different than fuel propane?
  8. How come he got the job?
  9. How come he needs to dominate me to define his manhood?
  10. How come he will not call you?
  11. How come he's asked us to spend all this money and not them?
  12. How come I always seem to go out with small men?
  13. How come I can't make her happy, how come she can't make me happy?
  14. How come I wasn't told?
  15. How come it appeared in locations three thousand miles apart at, apparently, the exact same time?
  16. How come Mrs Wall-Eye know my name?
  17. How come parents worry so much?
  18. How come the sky is blue?
  19. How come the social worker had had to change the time?
  20. How come the vast majority of the population appears to want to play make-believe?
  21. How come time speeds up and slows down all at once? 17.47 Steven looks up from call to opposite number in Coventry.
  22. How come Tyler's still here?
  23. How come we never agree?
  24. How come you always question me?
  25. How come you are so upset?
  26. How come you cannot make a decision?
  27. How come you flunked? I thought you did everything the fortuneteller told you to do.
  28. How come you got back so early?
  29. How come you got that post in the adventure - joint enterprise?
  30. How come you never asked me what happened?
  31. How come you never call me?
  32. How come you never took some sellout establishment job?
  33. How come you never visit us any more?
  34. How come you stayed out so late?
  35. How come you're watching a rabbi play electric guitar?
  36. How come you've ended up here?
  37. How come, if all were cloned from the same original zygote?
  38. How come? How do you know?
  39. If she spent five years in Paris, how come her French is so bad?
  40. If she spent five years in Paris, how come she can't speak a word of French?
  41. If she's got money to run a car, how come she gets the bus every day?
  42. Joey, how come you never sweet-talk me in person?
  43. So how come they void themselves on me from a great height with a white and annoyingly conspicuous product?
  44. So how come you got an invitation and not me?
  45. So how come you missed the train?
  46. So if you hate the theory so much, how come you're so boned up on it?

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