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Using "Can I"

Says “Can I...?” to ask the person or people you are talking to a question you want answered, here you ask permission to do a specific action.

Examples of using "can I" in sentences:

  1. Can I answer your question?
  2. Can I ask you a question ?
  3. Can I attend the event?
  4. Can I bank on your support?
  5. Can I beg a favour of you?
  6. Can I buy you a drink?
  7. Can I call you tomorrow?
  8. Can I complete this later?
  9. Can I dial this number direct, or do I have to go through the operator?
  10. Can I entrust you with the secret plans?
  11. Can I explain myself?
  12. Can I have a tea and two coffees.
  13. Can I have a word with you?
  14. Can I have some more jelly, please?
  15. Can I have the same as that?
  16. Can I have your attention please?
  17. Can I help you with your homework?
  18. Can I include you in our plans?
  19. Can I inform you of some bad news?
  20. Can I interest you in our new range of kitchen fittings, madam?
  21. Can I introduce you to my co-workers?
  22. Can I move to another spot?
  23. Can I open a window? It's boiling in here.
  24. Can I park my car here?
  25. Can I park my car there? --Yes, you can.
  26. Can I pay by installment payment?
  27. Can I speak with you for a minute?
  28. How can I believe that there is still pure love in this world?
  29. How can I explain if you keep butting in?
  30. How can I persuade you to keep off alcohol?
  31. How can I possibly do it?
  32. How can I provide feedback without making someone angry?
  33. How can I transfer money from my bank account to his?
  34. Mom, can I go over to Lisa's house?
  35. Please mister, can I have my ball back?
  36. What can I do for you?
  37. What time can I have breakfast?
  38. Where can I catch an express train?
  39. Where can I find the gift shop?
  40. Where can I get a taxi?
  41. Where can I get hold of some stamps?
  42. Where can I make a phone call?
  43. Where can I obtain the book?

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