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Use LET'S NOT to Build Sentences

Use "Let's Not" in English

Use "let us not" when you are asking that something not happen at the moment or that what is happening should be contained or reduced.

Here are the examples of how to use "Let's Not" in English:

  1. It's only a small disagreement, let's not make an issue of it.
  2. Let us not get too excited.
  3. Let us not interrupt them when they are talking.
  4. Let us not worry too much.
  5. Let's not argue the toss we have to accept his choice.
  6. Let's not be hasty - sit down for a moment.
  7. Let's not be too hasty.
  8. Let's not count our proverbial chickens.
  9. Let's not devalue her work unjustly.
  10. Let's not discuss this now.
  11. Let's not drag out this discussion, we've got to reach a decision.
  12. Let's not dwell on your past mistakes.
  13. Let's not eat all the sandwiches now -- we can keep some for later.
  14. Let's not enter into details at this stage.
  15. Let's not get bogged down with individual complaints.
  16. Let's not get hysterical.
  17. Let's not go overboard.
  18. Let's not go too far.
  19. Let's not indulge in recrimination.
  20. Let's not jump the gun.
  21. Let's not jump to conclusions - he might have been delayed.
  22. Let's not just dismiss the idea before we've even thought about it.
  23. Let's not make a sacred cow of the monarchy.
  24. Let's not make any hasty decisions.
  25. Let's not meddle in other people's business.
  26. Let's not mention it any more.
  27. Let's not mollycoddle our students!
  28. Let's not prejudge the situation - we need to hear both sides of the story first.
  29. Let's not protract the debate any further.
  30. Let's not quarrel about such unimportant matters.
  31. Let's not quibble over minor details.
  32. Let's not remain mad at each other.
  33. Let's not rush into things.
  34. Let's not spoil the job for the sake of a few pounds.
  35. Let's not stay here too long.
  36. Let's not stop anywhere on the way.
  37. Let's not take a taxi; we can easily walk over.
  38. Let's not take the car, we can easily walk over.
  39. Let's not talk about it now. I'm not in the mood.
  40. Let's not talk politics now.
  41. Let's not tell her what we did.
  42. Let's not waste an opportunity to see the children.
  43. Now let's not leap to any hasty conclusions.
  44. She eats too much, let's not blame them overmuch.
  45. There may be a simple explanation. Let's not jump to conclusions.
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