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Use IT TAKES TIME TO + VERB to Build Sentences

Uses of "It takes + time + to + verb"

When you use It takes + (time) + to + verb you are telling someone how long it takes them to do a certain thing.

Here are the examples:

  1. It takes weeks to have an effect.
  2. He will take time, it takes time to wear the sword.
  3. It takes 15 minutes to get to downtown.
  4. It takes 7 seconds for my car to go 60 miles per hour.
  5. It takes all day for us to finish golfing.
  6. It takes days to calculate the planetary shift of each new location.
  7. It takes days to get there, but I decided to wing it.
  8. It takes days to train the rose to give an impression of nonchalant grace as it rambles so elegantly over the gazebo.
  9. It takes forty-five minutes for me to get ready.
  10. It takes four quarters to complete a football game.
  11. It takes me one hour to cook.
  12. It takes months to recruit a new staff of investigators.
  13. It takes one hour to get there.
  14. It takes time to acquaint yourself with a new job.
  15. It takes time to build up a clientele.
  16. It takes time to build up contacts.
  17. It takes time to build up intimacy.
  18. It takes time to develop contacts and develop your own sound, and be different from everyone else and still be yourself.
  19. It takes time to find a college that will suit your child's needs.
  20. It takes time to integrate this information.
  21. It takes time to join up nicely for the edges of the wound.
  22. It takes time to make changes in the law.
  23. It takes time to make nature.
  24. It takes time to master the GC and early roasts are likely to be much inferior to those obtained on a HT.
  25. It takes time to process each application.
  26. It takes time to react differently.
  27. It takes time to readjust after a divorce.
  28. It takes time to regrow hair. You may need to use minoxidil solution twice-daily for at least 4 months before you see results.
  29. It takes weeks to get through the red tape.
  30. It takes years to civilize a racial war area.
  31. It takes years to gain a mastery of Japanese.
  32. It takes years to learn to play guitar.
  33. It takes years to master a new subject.
  34. It takes years to master the art of weaving.
  35. It takes years to work your way through the examination system until you gain a degree.
  36. Most of the best daycare centers have waiting lists longer than a Stars Wars movie ticket line, and it takes time to find, interview and hire a nanny. 
  37. Of course, it takes time to realize peaceful reunification.
  38. One reason it takes time to see detail is the unsteadiness of the Earth's atmosphere.
  39. She's very young, only a girl really, and it takes time to get used to this funny little country.
  40. The ban was lifted last month, but aid agencies say it takes time to gear up.
  41. How long it takes me to do two lengths of the pool.
  42. Will you time me to see how long it takes me to swim a length? 
  43. Your grief won't disappear overnight. It takes time to get over the death of someone close to you.
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