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Use I'M GOOD to Build Sentences

Using "I'm Good" to Build Sentences

"I'm" is an abbreviation for "I am." When adding "good" you can use it in everyday conversations and in casual situations, when someone introduces you and you want to say no in a polite way.


Using "I'm good"


In this simple and also useful explanation, you will learn how to using "I'm Good".


1. Generally satisfactory health or well-being.

If you in a state of generally satisfactory health or well-being. Here are the examples:

  • A: How are you, Tom?
  • B: I'm good, thanks.
  • A: You shouldn't be walking on that ankle!
  • B: Nah, I'm good! It's just a little sprain!
  • A: Are you feeling OK? You look a little green.
  • B: I'm good. I just need to get a little fresh air.

2. Everything is satisfactory

If you do not need anything else; everything is satisfactory.

  • Do you want some help?
  • No, I’m good, I'm doing it on my own.

  • Are you hungry?
  • No, I'm good.
  • A: Would you like anything else to eat or drink, sir?
  • B: No thanks, I'm good.


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