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94 Types of Shops and Stores

Types of Shops and Stores

In this article, you will learn about the different names we use for different types of shops and stores.


What is a store?


A store is a quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed, also a physical or online place where consumers can purchase merchandise. They are the source of products from manufacturers or wholesale stores. Say shop in British English and store In American English.

Types of shops and stores

Most of the stores have easy names but there are a few with special names. Here are 94 types of shops and stores you need to know:

1. Antique shop: Is A shop that sells valuable old objects.

  • We went for a browse around an antique shop

2. Bakery shop: Is a building where bread, cakes etc are made or sold.

  • The first bakery shop that specializes in wedding cakes. 

3. Bank: Is a place where you can keep or borrow money.

  • I need to go to the bank on my way home. 

4. Barber shop: Is a shop where men have their hair cut. American

  • Many customers crowded the local barber shop in the town of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

5. Beauty parlour / Beauty salon: Is a shop where you can get beauty treatments for your skin or hair.

  • Can you recommend a good beauty parlour?

6. Big-box store / hyperstore / supercenter / superstore / megastore: Is a large shop that sells a lot of different types of goods including food, medicines, and often things such as washing machines. 

  • You can hit the Manchester United megastore, and look at anything from jewelry to lacy garters. 

7. Book club: Is an organization that sells books at low prices to its members, usually by mail order.

  • Join a book club, or a gym, or a cigar club or a boat club. 

8. Bookstore (US) :Is a shop that sells books. The usual American word is bookstore.

  • I work three mornings a week at the bookshop.

9. Bookstall: Is a small shop with an open front that sells books, newspapers, and magazines, for example at a railway station. British 

  • I strode over to the bookstall and bought myself a map of the place.

10. Booth: Is a small enclosed space where you can buy things, look at things, or use a service.

  • I called her from a public phone booth near the entrance to the bar.

11. Bottle shop: Is a shop or part of a hotel where alcohol is sold in unopened containers for consumption elsewhere.

  • Where is the bottle shop located in the hotel?

12. Boutique: Is a small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.

  • The boutique has a poor choice of dresses.

13. Bucket shop: Is a cheap travel agent. British informal 

  • You can get a ticket for New York at below 150 form a bucket shop. 

14. Builders: Are a company that sells things that you need for building, for example bricks and sand. British

  • We call the builders company and we got promised to expedite the repairs.

15. Butcher’s / butcher’s shop: Is a shop in which meat, poultry, and sometimes fish are sold.

  • Mr Klubock was at work now in the butcher shop.

16. Tea shop (UK) / a cafe / coffee shop: Is a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks.

  • I went into a tea shop and ordered a pot of tea and a little cake.

17. Cash-and-carry: Is a large shop where people can buy large amounts of goods at a cheap price, often so that they can then sell them in their own shops.

  • It is much cheaper to buy cash-and-carry.

18. Chain store: Is a one of a group of shops that all belong to the same person or company.

  • The streets are dominated by chain stores.

19. Charity shop: Is a shop belonging to a charity that sells things that people have given to it. British

  • The sofa was picked up at a charity shop for bargain money a few years back.

20. Chemist (UK) / drugstore / pharmacy (US): Is a shop that sells medicines, beauty products, and toiletries.

  • You used to buy them from the chemist.

21. Chip shop (UK): Is a shop where you can buy fish and chips and other hot foods to take away and eat.

  • They live next door to the fish and chip shop.

22. Clothes shop: A clothes shop or clothes store is any shop which sells items of ready-made clothing.

  • She managed a clothes shop two years ago.
23. Commissary: Is a restaurant or food store in a military base, prison, or other institution. North American 
  • Identification card commissary and exchange privileges for Medal of Honor recipients and their eligible dependents. 

24. Computer shop: Is a small shop or business inside a building owned by a larger business.

  • Our product is obtainable in all computer shop.

25. Convenience store (US): Is a small shop that is open for long hours and sells a variety of goods, especially food and drink, cleaning materials, and newspapers or magazines.

  • Soon, the station will complete a new, larger convenience store.

26. Corner dairy: Is a small shop that sells food and other products; sometimes simply called a dairy.

  • I went to buy a paper at the corner dairy.

27. Corner shop / grocer (UK) / grocery store (US): Is a small shop that sells food and other products, often found on the corner of a street.

  • I am on my way to the grocery store.

28. Cupcakery: Is a bakery that sells mainly cupcakes.

  • We both have a sweet tooth so we make a habit of stopping in local cupcakeries to check them out. 

29. Dairy: Is a building, room, or establishment for the storage, processing, and distribution of milk and milk products.

  • We bought milk at the dairy.

30. Deli / Delicatessen: Is a shop that sells food such as cooked meat, cheese, and food from other countries. informal

  • Wasn't that Cynthia, who worked in the deli?

31. Depanneur: Is a small local store selling a wide range of goods, especially in French-speaking parts of Canada.

  • I will take a coffee rest at depanneur.

32. Department store: Is a large shop divided into separate sections, each section selling a different type of thing.

  • The oldest department store in London.

33. Dime store: Is a small shop that sells different types of cheap things. American 

  • I buy the cheap things from the dime store. 

34. Dispensing chemist: Is a chemist’s shop where medicines are prepared and sold. British 

  • The powders were neatly enough made up, but not with the nicety of the dispensing chemist. 

35. Dollar store: Is a shop that sells a wide range of items very cheaply. American

  • They actually look sketchily like the hard fruit-flavored candies you can get from the Dollar Store. 

36. Drapery: Is a business that sells cloth and things made of cloth.

  • The hall of the school was hung with green drapery.

37. Dry cleaner’s: Is a shop where you take your clothes to be dry-cleaned.

  • The dry cleaners charges $1.25 a shirt.

38. Duty-free: Is a shop that sells duty-free goods.

  • He bought his wife some duty-free perfume.

39. Filling station / Petrol station (UK) / Gas station / Gas bar (UK): Is an establishment beside a road selling fuel for motor vehicles; a petrol station.

  • The local filling station looks as if it has never been cleaned.

40. Fish and chip shop: Is a shop that sells fish and chips that you usually take somewhere else to eat. British 

  • The fish and chip shop was still lighted and open. 

41. Fishmonger: Is a person or store that sells fish for food.

  • Purchase your oysters from a reputable fishmonger.

42. Five-and-dime: Is a shop that sells a variety of goods that are not expensive. north American

  • I was old enough to shop at Woolworth's five-and-dime before they closed their doors.

43. Flea market: Is a market, typically outdoors, selling secondhand goods.

  • My friend likes to stroll around the flea market on the chance of picking up something of value.

44. Food truck: Is a vehicle in which food is cooked and sold.

  • Another top chef with a food truck - he has appeared on the TV series.

45. Garage: Is a building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles.

  • A detached house with an integral garage. 

46. Garden centre: Is a large store that sells plants, flowers, and the tools and equipment that you need for looking after a garden.

  • We got the gravel at our local garden centre.

47. General store: Is a shop that sells a wide range of products, often found in small communities. American

  • She runs the post office and general store. 

48. Gift shop: Is a shop selling things that people like to give and receive as presents.

  • There's a little gift shop around the corner.

49. Grocery store: Is a store where food and small items for the house are sold. American

  • I am on my way to the grocery store.

50. Hardware shop / hardware store: Is a shop that sells metal goods and things for your home or garden such as pans, knives, tools, and chemical products.

  • Our local hardware shop has shut down.
51. Hole-in-the-wall: Is a very small shop or restaurant. informal 
  • Debbie works in a little hole-in-the-wall craft shop.

52. Hypermarket: Is a very large supermarket, usually built outside a town, that sells a wide range of goods.

  • The small shopkeepers realized that the hypermarket will take away some of their trade.

53. Ironmonger: Is a shop or person that sells tools and other metal goods.

  • I have tried many ironmongers without success.

54. Jewellery store: Is a retail business establishment, that specializes in selling (and also buying) jewellery and watches.

  • The guide led her into the air-conditioned jewellery shop and held out the box to a sales assistant.

55. Junk shop: Is a shop that buys and sells used things such as furniture, books, or pictures.

  • It was a portrait he had found in a junk shop.

56. Launderette: Is an establishment with coin-operated washing machines and dryers for public use. British

  • She went outside to hang some clothes  on the Launderette. 

57. Market: Is a regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities.

  • Farmers going to market.

58. Mini-mart: Is a shop that sells food and stays open late. mainly American

  • The smell of fish and sawdust sweating up from the Mini-Mart floorboards.

59. Music shop: Is a shop selling music equipment, for example instruments, sheet music and other musical accessories.

  • Becky, holding a small carrier bag from a music shop, came in.

60. NAAFI: (Army and Air force institutes) is a shop or place to eat for members of the British armed forces.

  • This place is for NAAFI.

61. Newspaper stand / newsagent’s: Is a place in the street where you can buy newspapers and magazines.

  • We can get a magazine at the newspaper stand.

62. Novelty Store: Is a shop that sells miscellaneous articles appropriate as gifts.

  • I will go to novelty store to buy a gift.

63. Offie (UK) / liquor store (US) / package store (US): Is a shop, or a counter in a pub or hotel, where alcoholic drinks are sold for consumption elsewhere. formal

  • There's a liquor store across the street. 

64. Off-licence: Is a shop that sells alcoholic drinks. British

  • He went into an off-licence and bought a large bottle of Bell's. 

65. Opportunity shop: Is selling second-hand goods for charitable funds. Australianin formal

  • There are many of Op shops in the area. 

66. Outfitter: Is a shop that sells clothes and equipment for activities such as camping and hunting. American

  • They are the official school outfitters. 

67. Outlet retail / retail outlet : Is a retail outlet or store is a retail sales establishment which has a genuine retail activity and which therefore has a sales area. American 

  • The present Spinnery was the local retail outlet for the fine woven and embroidered work. 

68. Paper shop: Is a shop that sells newspapers and magazines. Britishs

  • Shiva went into the paper shop. 

69. Patisserie: Is a shop that sells cakes.

  • The patisserie also specializes in cheesecakes and tortes.

70. Perfumery: Is a shop that sells perfumes.

  • An oil used in perfumery.

71. Pound shop: Is a shop that sells a large range of items for one pound.

  • Let's go to the pound shop to seize anything.

72. Saddler / saddlery: Is a shop where saddles and other leather products are sold. British old-fashion

  • I Bought this horseshoe from Saddler's local shop. 

73. Salon: Is a shop that sells expensive clothes made by famous designers.

  • My hairdresser has opened a new salon.

74. Sandwich shop / sandwich bar: Is a restaurant or take-away food shop that primarily sells sandwiches.

  • Then we went to a sandwich shop where we talked slowly, I remembered why I liked him in the first place.

75. Sari-sari store: Is a small local shop selling a wide range of goods. Philippine English

  • I'm going to Sari-sari store to buy some food. 

76. Service centre: Is a shop where you can buy parts for the products that are sold there, and can have the products repaired.

  • Please complete and return this authorisation form to Customer Service Centre for processing.

77. Service station: Is a business that sells petrol, oil, and other things for vehicles.

  • The police have opened a service station to encourage drivers to take a break.

78. Shoe Shop: Is a shop that sells shoes.

  • The shoe shop is having a sale this week.

79. Shop boutique: Is a small shop dealing in fashionable clothing or accessories.

  • I bought this ring from the shop boutique on the roadside.

80. Shopping Center / Mall: Is a group of retail stores and service establishments usually with ample parking facilities and usually designed to serve a community or neighborhood.

  • The new shopping center is close to the railway station.

81. Shop-pawn: Is a store where you can leave possessions in order to borrow money, or buy objects that others have left there and that are now for sale.

  • I bet my watch in Shop-pawn for money

82. Shop pet: A shop pet or a pet shop is a shop selling animals intended as pets.

  • I am thinking of buying a cat from a shop pet.

83. Sports shop: Is a shop where sports clothes and equipment are sold.

  • The sports shop carries a full range of equipment.

84. Stationer (UK) / Stationery shop: Is a store selling paper, pens, and other writing and office materials.

  • Cards can either be bought from a stationer or made out of ordinary file paper. 

85. Supermarket: Is a very large shop that sells food and other products for the home. You go around the shop pushing a trolley and putting things in it, then you pay for your goods at the checkout.

  • I got some half-price pizzas at the supermarket.

86. Superstore: Is a very large shop that sells a wide range of different goods, usually on the edge of a town.

  • Follow the signposts to the superstore.

87. Sweet shop: Is a shop that sells sweets and chocolate.

  • There's a sweet shop on the other side of the road.

88. Takeaway: Is a shop that sells meals that you take home to eat. British

  • There's a takeaway store in the centre of town. 

89. The cleaners: Is a place where you can get clothes, curtains etc dry-cleaned (=cleaned with chemicals, not soap and water).

  • I've got to pick up my coat from the cleaners

90. Thrift shop: Is a shop selling second-hand clothes and household goods, typically to raise funds for a Church or charity. North American

  • Give your old clothes away to a thrift shop. 

91. Tobacconist: Is a shop that sells tobacco, cigarettes etc. British

  • The tobacconist shops fared worst, hit by the fall in shopper-numbers on high streets. 

92. Trading post: Is a store or small settlement established for trading, typically in a remote place.

  • New York was originally a Dutch trading post.

93. Victualler: Is Someone who is legally allowed to sell alcohol. British

    • We have a licensed victualler to sell food and spirits.

94. Warehouse store: A warehouse store or warehouse supermarket is a food and grocery retailer that operates stores geared toward offering deeper discounted prices than a traditional supermarket.  

  • The warehouse store may be as large in size and have as many departments as the conventional supermarket.


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