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The Difference Between Woman-Man, Wife-Husband, Gentleman-Lady

wife, woman, lady - husband, man, gentleman

Most learners of English are scattered among them. So, what's the difference Between "Woman-Man, Wife-Husband, Gentleman-Lady"? And how do you use them?


Difference between "woman-man, wife-husband, gentleman-lady"


Take a look at this lesson and find out how to understand how to use them properly.


1. Difference between wife & husband

We use "wife" and "husband" when getting married, examples:

  • Will you be my wife?
  • Will you be my husband?

2. Difference between woman & man

We use "woman" as an adult female human being, and "man" as a an adult male human being, examples:

  • Are women better drivers than men?

3. Difference between lady & gentleman

We use "lady" and "gentleman" as a formal and polite form. Examples:

  • I spoke to the lady at the travel agency.
  • He behaved like a perfect gentleman.
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