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The Difference Between Mistake, Error and Fault

mistake, error and fault

In today's lesson we will look at some of the differences between fault, error and mistake, when we want to talk about something that was done wrong or incorrectly.


Difference between "mistake", "error" and "fault"


They mean something done incorrectly or improperly. Here's how to use them:

1. How to use "mistake"?

Mistake is something that produces an undesirable result, examples:

  • This essay is full of spelling mistakes.
  • Sorry, I've made a mistake.

2. How to use "error"?

Error is often used in scientific texts, examples:

  • The essay contains a number of typing errors.
  • Spelling errors.


3. How to use "fault"?

Fault is a mistake that you blame as weakness.

  • It was not his fault that his team lost the match.
  • My worst fault is impatience.


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