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The Difference Between Life, Live and Lives

The Difference Between "Life", "Live" and "Lives"

The English language has a wide range of vocabulary that may not be confused with them. Some have different meanings, others have the same pronunciation which is sometimes used interchangeably and creates a lot of confusion. 


Difference between "life", "live" and "lives"


Today, we will simply explain the difference between life, live and lives. Let's take a look at these words in context:


1. How to use "life"?

Life is used in the living state, which means the state following birth and preceding death, examples:

  • I read a book about the life of Dr Mustafa Mahmoud.
  • His father decided to start a new life in London. 
  • She didn't want to die; she loved life.

2. How to use "lives"?

Uses "lives" as a plural for "Live", examples:

  • The daily lives of people living in Mumbai are extremely strenuous.
  • During 2004 Tsunami, more than 200,000 people lost their lives.
  • Many people lost their lives in the war.


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3. How to use "live"?

Live is used in the sense of direct or alive, the word "live" can be used as a verb as well as an adjective. Here we will really consider it. Living here means where you or someone resides or belongs to. It means to be in a certain place. Examples:

  • We watched the live coverage.
  • We really saw a live rattlesnake.
  •  I live in USA.



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