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What are the Basics of Search Engines?

Search Engines

It's time to talk about search engines. In this article, we will talk a little bit about the history of search engines and the changes they have brought to the world of business, and we will also highlight their importance as excellent platforms for marketing your business.

Where did search engines come from?

Let's go back in history to the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety when one of the first search engines was launched under the name "Archi", and it was a platform for searching for file names, specifically the names of web pages, but it was not able to display the content of those pages.

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Some search engines

Search engines saw many developments over the ensuing decades, with the creation of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,, AOL, and others that depended on sophisticated and sophisticated computer programs to sort this huge number of web pages.

And most search engines work the same way; Where the user only has to type a word or phrase related to the topic he is searching for, and this process is called a “search request”.

Then, the search engine compares this request with its extensive list of web pages, finds the best results that match the user's request and displays them on the search results page.

Search engine goals

Search engines aim to provide the most relevant results possible to help users find what they are looking for. The results page is a list of links to websites, but it also displays content such as listings of local business listings, items for sale, ads, images, maps, videos, and much more. Now, how does that apply to you?

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How search engines work

Well, let's say you own a cafe called “Friends’ Cafe” and someone searches for it in a search engine; this is an excellent opportunity for your business to appear on the search results page.

In the same way, if you work in the field of repairing air conditioning units, for example, or own a fast food store that provides home delivery, it is obvious that you want your business to appear in search results when anyone searches for words or phrases related to your business.

Why? Because the words entered in search engines indicate that the searcher is interested at that moment in the products or services that you provide.

It is precisely for this reason that search engines are a good place to be, as they provide a direct way to target users who are actually interested in what you offer. And this is not just our opinion. Many marketers emphasize the importance of research as part of their online marketing strategies; And the statistics support that.

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According to an eMarketer report, it is estimated that global spending on digital advertising in the year two thousand seventeen (2017) will be two hundred and twenty-three seventy-four (223.74) billion dollars, representing thirty-eight three percent (38.3%). of total advertising expenditures.

Does this mean you should ignore other methods of online advertising? Of course not, your plan should contain different ways to promote your business, such as social networks, email marketing, and display ads.

However, if you are a business owner and interested in promoting your products and services on the Internet, your presence on search results pages is definitely a fruitful investment.

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