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Ask a Question in the Present Continuous Tense

Ask a question in the present continuous tense

It's easy to know how to ask a question in the present continuous tense. So, questions that can be answered with "Yes" or "No" are formed by the opposite "Subject" and the correct form of the verb "to be (am/is/are)" . (The opposite simply means that we change the subject and the form of the verb). For example: 


1- Positive statement: Subject "I" first, then verb form (Verb) "am".

  • I am coming

2- The positive question: To ask a question, the verb "am" comes first, then the subject "I".

  • Am I coming?

Ask a question in the present continuous tense - Questions form

Forming a question in the present continuous tense: To be + subject + verb + ing.


  • Question: Are + they + writing + e-mails?   
  • Answer: Yes or No + they + are or are not.

  • Question: Is + Mustafa + playing + football?   
  • Answer: Yes or No + he + is or is not.

  • Question: Are + they + singing + a song?
  • Answer: Yes or No + they + are or are not.

Present continuous yes/no questions examples

A great way to learn English is to look at many examples and make your own:

  1. Am I attending the meeting tomorrow?
  2. Am I bothering you?
  3. am I eating chocolate ?
  4. Am I going with you tomorrow?
  5. Am I making too much noise?
  6. Am I reading a book right now?
  7. Are people worrying about the situation?
  8. Are the children playing at the playground?
  9. Are the girls sleeping?
  10. Are the stores opening on Christmas?
  11. Are they coming ?
  12. Are they fighting?
  13. Are they sleeping yet?
  14. Are Tina and Sam watching a movie together tonight?
  15. Are we cooking together at this moment?
  16. Are we eating spaghetti tonight for dinner?
  17. Are we leaving at 6 o'clock?
  18. are we meeting at six ?
  19. Are you baking a cake right now?
  20. Are you eating with us tonight?
  21. Are you getting ready to leave?
  22. Are you going on vacation next week?
  23. Are you studying now ?
  24. Is he playing with this son in the park at the moment?
  25. Is he sleeping?
  26. Is he speaking on the phone with your teacher?
  27. Is he working ?
  28. Is it raining ?
  29. Is it raining?
  30. Is it snowing?
  31. Is Mark working tonight?
  32. Is Mary getting her haircut right now?
  33. Is she creating a new design for the website these days?
  34. is she doing her homework ?
  35. Is the baby still crying?
  36. Is the company going bankrupt?
  37. Is the computer working?
  38. Is the dog eating his food now?
  39. Is the war going to end soon?
  40. Is your company doing well?

Ask a question in the present continuous tense - Questions tools


Forming a questions tools in the present continuous tense: Question word To be  + subject + verb + ing.


  • Question: What + are + you + doing + right now?
  • Answer: I am working on my computer.

  • Question: Where + is + Sliem + going?
  • Answer: He is going to the pet shop.

  • Question: Why + are + they + carrying + the buckets?
  • Answer: They are carrying the buckets because they want to clean their bikes.

Wh - questions present continuous examples

For "wh" questions, just put the question word at the front:

  1. How are they travelling?
  2. How are  getting to the store?
  3. How's  your new phone working?
  4. What are you studying now?
  5. What are  those kids playing with?
  6. What is she doing?
  7. What is  my dog eating?
  8. What's  the policeman saying?
  9. When is he working?
  10. Where are  my children hiding?
  11. Where is  he going?
  12. Where's  she traveling to?
  13. Who are we meeting?
  14. Why am I eating chocolate?
  15. Why are  the buses running late?
  16. Why is it raining?



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