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All Phrasal verbs with ON

We recently looked at some phrasal verbs that end with "up". and here will give you some common English phrasal verbs with "on" with easy examples and meanings.


Phrasal verbs with "on"


Here are seven phrasal verbs with "on". How many of them do you recognise? Read through the sentences below and decide which phrasal verb you needed.

1. Add on: To increase or improve something by joining or uniting something.

  • We've decided to add on another bedroom to the house.

2. Bone up on: To review, study or practice a topic for a short period of time thing by joining or uniting something.

  • I need to bone up on my math as I have a university entrance exam at the end of the month.

3. Bring on: To cause something or someone to appear.

  • Bring on the birthday cake!

4. Brush up on: Improve one's existing knowledge or skill in a particular area.

  • These private lessons will give them a chance to brush up on their technique.

5. Carry on:

A. Continue an activity or task.

  • She carried on watching the TV.

B. Behave in a particular way. informal

  • They carry on in a very adult fashion.

C. Be engaged in a love affair, typically one of which the speaker disapproves. informal 

  • She was carrying on with young Adam.

6. Catch on: To become famous, fashionable or popular.

  • I wonder if the game will ever catch on with young people.

7. Cheer on: To cries of support or encouragement.

  • The crowd at the marathon cheered the runners on.

8. Come on

A. For gradual progress.

  • Our soccer game ended as darkness came on.

B. To display a specific profile picture.

  • He comes on as a very serious person, but is actually quite fun.

C. To start running or become available.

  • I wish the electricity would come on again. It's dark in here.

9. Drag on: To slow down or limit the development of someone or something.

  • She didn't want a husband who would be a drag on her career. 

10. Hold on: To wait.

  • Hold on a moment. I need to tie my shoe.

11. Keep on: To continue.

  • No matter how many times you fail, you must keep on trying.

12. Look down on: Regard someone with a feeling of superiority.

  • My mother had social pretensions and looked down on most of our neighbours

13. Move on: To move forward.

  • Let's move on. I'm tired of talking about that.

14. Put on

A: To wear.

  • She put her best dress on.

B: To produce or implement.

  • The theater group put on a great show.

C: To deceive or mislead for amusement.

  • You are putting me on!

15. Take on

A: To acquire.

  • She took on a lot of new responsibilities.

B: To face the opponent.

  • I think I can take on Mike Tyson.

16. Try on: To try and see if it fits.

  • Be sure to try athletic shoes on before you buy them.

17. Turn on

A: To switch or turn on.

  • Fathi was bored so he turned the TV on.

B: For a fun thrill.

  • Mathematics turns me on.



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