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23 Phrasal Verbs With "OFF"

Today, we are going to talk about phrasal verbs with"off". Phrasal verbs are really tricky that is why it is really important to learn them and practice them. 


Phrasal verbs with off


Here are 23 phrasal verbs ending in "off" for you.

1. Blow off

  • To cancel plans, dates or events.
    • Aren’t you going to the meeting? No, I’m going to blow it off.

2. Call off

  • Cancel an event or agreement.
    • They held a ballot on whether to call off industrial action.
  • Order a person or dog to stop attacking someone.
    • Gunda pleaded with him to call the dog off.

3. Come off

  • To be able to be removed.
    • Does this hood come off?
  • To take place; to happen.
    • Did the trip to Rome ever come off?
  • To be successful; to have the intended effect or result.
    • They had wanted it to be a surprise but the plan didn't come off.
  • To be successful/not successful in a fight, contest, etc.
    • I thought they came off very well in the debate.

4. Doze off

  • To start to sleep, especially during the day.
    • She dashed off to her room.

5. Drop off

  • Fall asleep easily, especially without intending to.
    • Struggle as she might, she kept dropping off
  • An act of taking people, goods, mail, etc. to a place, or the place where you take them.
    • If you're going to the store, could you drop me off at her house on the way?
  • To become lower in level, value, price, etc.
    • Towards the end of the school year university enrollment numbers drop off a little.

6. Fight off

  • To avoid being harmed or overcome by (someone or something) by fighting or struggling
    • I was trying to fight off the urge to sneak into the kitchen for something to eat.

7. Get off

  • Escape a punishment; be acquitted.
    • She got off lightly.
  • Send something by post.
    • I must get these letters off first thing tomorrow.
  • Be excited or aroused by something.
    • He was obviously getting off on the adrenaline of performing before the crowd.
  • Go to sleep, especially after some difficulty.
    • I eventually got off around midnight.

8. Go off

  • Of a gun, bomb, or similar device) explode or fire.
    • The pistol suddenly went off.
  • (of food or drink) begin to decompose and become inedible.
    • Milk went off so quickly in hot weather.
  • Begin to dislike something.
    • I went off chocolate when I was pregnant.
  • Go to sleep. informal
    • I went off as soon as my head hit the pillow.

9. Keep off

  • Avoid encroaching on or touching something.
    • The campus is dotted with warnings to keep off the grass.
  • (of bad weather) fail to occur.
    • The rain kept off until we boarded our coach.
  • Prevent someone from attending school.
    • How long should children be kept off school for mumps?

10. Lop off

  • To cut something (the tip or branch of a tree)
    • The carpenter accidentally lopped off two of his fingers when he was cutting some wood.

11. Nod off

  • Fall asleep, especially briefly or unintentionally.
    • She nodded off in English class.

12. Pay off

  • (of a course of action) yield good results; succeed. informal
    • All the hard work I had done over the summer paid off.
  • Pay a debt in full.
    • I've saved up enough to pay off my mortgage. 
  • Dismiss someone with a final payment.
    • When directors are fired, they should not be lavishly paid off.

13. Put off

  • To postpone.
    • Many students put off doing their homework until it is almost too late.

14. Rip off

  • To steal something.
    • He ripped twenty dollars off from that old lady.

15. Shave off

  • Hair removal by shaving.
    • He first shaved off all of his hair when he was in his twenties.

16. Show off

  • Display someone or something that is a source of pride.
    • Her jeans were tight-fitting, showing off her compact figure.
  • Boastfully display one's abilities or accomplishments.
    • He was showing off, trying to make a really big impression.

17. Shrug off

  • To refuse something unimportant.
    • The president shrugged off his extremely low poll numbers.

18. Take off

  • (of an aircraft or bird) become airborne.
    • The plane took off from the runway.
  • Remove clothing from one's or another's body.
    • She took off her cardigan.
  • Deduct part of an amount.
    • They took £10 off the bill.
  • Choose to have a period away from work.
    • I took the next day off.
  • Depart hastily.
    • The officer took off after his men.
  • Mimic someone humorously.
    • They kept us all in fits of laughter as they took off their teachers.

19. Tear off

  • To remove something by shredding it.
    • He made headlines when he tore off his jersey after scoring the winning goal.
  • To leave very quickly.
    • He got in his car and tore off down the road.

20. Tip off

  • To give someone a warning or secret information about something.
    • He tipped off the police about the imminent terrorist attack.

21. Turn off

  • To switch a device to the off position.
    • Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  • Disgusting
    • Selfish people really turn me off.

22. Wear off

  • It no longer affects anyone
    • Most patients find that the numbness from the injection wears off after about an hour.

23. Wipe off

  • To clean a flat object by pulling a towel or sponge over it
    • After dinner, please wipe off the table and wash the dishes.



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