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If Clauses With a Simple Explanation

If Clauses

Conditional sentences are also known as "Conditional Clauses" or "If Clauses".

The word "IF" is indispensable in English. If you want to master English, you must learn "If in the sentences that we put in the examples because it is very important.


If Clauses


The word "If" comes to speculate about what might happen, what might happen and what we wish might happen.

We use the past tense, but we are not actually referring to something that happened in the past.

There are four main cases of conditional sentence construction.


Type 0 conditional

In type 0 conditional "If" Consists of "If (Present), (Present)." It uses to express the truth. Examples:

  • If you boil water, it evaporates.
  • If someone wakes me up suddenly, I get annoyed.
  • If you heat ice it melts.
  • If it rains the grass gets wet.

Type 1 conditional

In type 1 conditional "If" Consists of "If (Present), (will + infinitive)." It uses when we talk about planning. Examples:

  • If I have time tomorrow, I will go shopping.
  • If you succeed,Iwill bring you a gift.
  • If you do that again, I will call the police.
  • If you don't hurry you will miss the train.

Type 2 conditional

In type 2 conditional "If" Consists of "If (past), (would + infinitive)." It Uses If we talk about the past and imagine something impossible. Example: 

  • If I were in Egypt now, I would be in Alexandria.
  • If I spoke French, I would understand those people.
  • If I spoke Italian I would be working in Italy.
  • If you went to bed earlier you would not be so tired.

Type 3 conditional

In type 3 conditional "If" Consists of "If (had + Past participial), (would have + Past participial)." It Uses If we talked about something in the past and it ended. Examples:

  • If you had given me the right address, I would have come on time.
  • If he had looked out, the car would not have hit him.
  • If you had studied harder you would have passed the exam.
  • If I had accepted that promotion I would have been working in Milan.
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