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Reverse Marketing: How it Works With Examples

Reverse Marketing

We all know that normal, natural marketing is an advertisement from the company to urge the customer to buy its products and display its offers, but reverse marketing is different.


What does reverse marketing mean?


Reverse marketing means that the company, instead of making an advertisement to urge the customer to buy, will make an advertisement to urge the customer not to buy, and this does not mean that this strategy is intended to induce not to buy, on the contrary.

The purpose is to induce purchase, because reverse marketing creates additional fame that makes you “take Balk" from the advertisement.

Reverse marketing, although it needs to be studied, but this method can achieve a rise in sales in large proportions completely.

Have you ever seen an ad saying “We are sorry we cannot sell this product”! In this phrase, two types of marketing used the principle of scarcity and reverse marketing.

Therefore, the reverse marketing process is when a company encourages customers to seek out their products or services on their own, rather than them trying to sell their products to customers. 

Patagonia with reverse marketing


As happened in a clothing company called “Patagonia” instead of trying to convince people that it is the best company and that its clothes are luxurious clothes, its slogan was, “Do not buy our products” and achieved very high sales from 2008 to 2011.

You should know that value building is the central concept of reverse marketing.

As for the campaign of the “Patagonia” company in one product to urge customers not to buy this product, the company succeeded in making itself a reliable source of information on environmental and economic sustainability.

Because it said in its ad, it is environmentally friendly because it uses organic cotton and recycled polyester in its products and urged consumers to see the environmental impact before purchasing the products.

Why should you use reverse marketing?


By using reverse marketing you are building customer loyalty to the company regardless of its products.

For example, if we talk about a “hair-cutting salon” that wants to use reverse marketing, instead of telling customers that “it has a special style of hair cutting, and no one can do it but us, and if you go to another store, they will not be able to do it”,

No, he will tell customers "the ways you would use them if you go to another shop", thus creating a positive association that enhances confidence in the salon, and thus also making the customer choose the salon that gave him the value.

Reverse marketing is very useful for companies that provide valuable information to customers for free as a way to establish the company as an authority because it focuses on building trust and allowing customers to gain access to the brand by offering help and advice.

Without urging advertising in the purchases. Reverse marketing gives an opportunity to the customer to search for the company or the company's product. It creates loyalty to the company.

Dove with reverse marketing

In 2004 Dove launched the "Dove for Real Beauty" campaign which focuses on women's natural beauty rather than advertising their products.

This campaign caused its sales to rise to more than one billion dollars.

Instead of saying “How to remove facial blemishes” and if you use our products, these blemishes will disappear, but they will say to you and remind you, “You are really beautiful.” And if you use our products, you are just celebrating your beauty.

The opposite psychological side of customers who use Dove makes them feel that they have chosen beauty products that encourage them, not tell them to "Hide your flaws.".

Despite an unusual approach, reverse marketing has achieved success for a few companies because most companies are afraid to follow unfamiliar methods.

Reverse marketing focuses on enriching the lives of its customers through knowledge and education.

They teach them how to make the most of the products they already have and support them when choosing new or additional products.




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