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Give Directions Inside a Building in English

Giving Directions Inside a Building in English

We will know how to give directions to another person when they ask you for directions on how to go somewhere.

Examples of how to ask for directions as well.


Places inside the building


These are some of the most common places that you can find inside a building and that can be useful when you have to give a direction inside one.

  • Administration Office
  • Building
  • Cafeteria
  • Campus
  • Classrom
  • Conference Room
  • Copy Center
  • Department
  • Hall
  • Laboratory
  • Lunch room
  • Reception
  • Recreational areas
  • Restroom

Prepositions to give directions


Here are the ten most common prepositions to give directions in English:

1. Across from: From one side to the other of (a place, area, etc.).

  • The library is just across from our school. 

2. Behind: At or to the far side of (something), typically so as to be hidden by it.

  • There's a nice park behind the parking lot. 

3. Beside: At the side of; next to.

  • My school is beside a small park. 

4. Between: At, into, or across the space separating (two objects or regions).

  • You can find the coffee shop between the office building and the movie theater. 

5. By: Indicating the means of achieving something.

  • I've got to do this report by Monday. 

6. In front of: Opposite

  • The market is in front of the City Hall. 

7. Inside: Situated with the boundaries or confines of.

  • A radio was playing inside the apartment. 

8. Near: At or to a short distance away from (a place).

  • The parking lot near the sawmill. 

9. Next to: To the side of something.

  • It's next to the coffee shop.

10. On: On a surface of something.

  • They live in that old house on the hill. 

Expressions to give directions inside a building


This is a list of common expressions to give directions in English:

1. Downstairs: To or on a lower floor of a building, especially the ground floor.

  • I went downstairs to answer the phone. 

2. Go along: To keep walking along the road.

  • Go along the main road until you find the gas station. 

3. in: To enter a place.

  • I looked through the window, but I didn't actually go in

4. Go out: To leave a room or building, especially in order to do something for entertainment.

  • Please close the door as you go out

5. Go through: To wade and enter to a corridor or something.

  • Take a shortcut to the school going through the park. 

6. Go forward: Towards the direction that is in front of you.

  • We go forward towards Washington. 

7. It's right here: Is a phrase used along with the "ok" symbol you can create with your hand.

  • It is right here, near Central Park. 

8. Take the elevator: It is said when the direction is to a place at the top.

  • It's on the fifth floor, so we'd better take the elevator

9. Upstairs: on or to an upper floor of a building.

  • I tiptoed upstairs

10. Walk along: To cause to walk or proceed at a walk.

  • We went for a walk along the beach at twilight. 

11. Walk straight ahead: Is something that is right in your path.

  • Walk straight ahead until you come to a crossroad, then turn right. 

12. Take the first road on the right.

  • Go down the corridor, and take the first road on the right

13. Take the second road on the left.

  • Take the second road on the left and you will see the Shop on the left.

How to ask for and give directions


Here are some ways to ask for directions inside buildings:

  • Where is the computer room?
  • Where is the public telephone?
  • Excuse me, where are the restrooms?
  • an you tell me where the public telephone is?
  • How do you get to the ATM?
  • Do you know where the English class is?
  • How do I get to the office?
  • Please give me the directions to the elevator
  • What are the directions to the Administration Office?
  • What is the way to the gym?
  • I'm looking for the library
  • How do I get to the Cafeteria?
  • How can I get to the clothing store? 

Here are some example of responses:

  • The restaurant is at the end of the hallway to the right.
  • The elevators are straight ahead on the left.
  • The stairway is around the corner over there.
  • -Go along the corridor / hall.
  • Turn right at the end of the hall.
  • Take the stairs down to the basement.
  • Go through the door.
  • It's just through / past / after the door.
  • Take the elevator up to the top floor.
  • Go up to the fifth floor.
  • Go straight ahead.
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