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Digital Marketing Course Online and Free

Digital Marketing

These topics walk you through in detail to explore how you can get the most out of digital marketing.

These written articles give you a quick overview of what you can learn from digital marketing. 


How to create an opportunity for your online business


1. Your Online Opportunity

2. What are the first steps towards online success

3. Boost your online presence

4. How to plan your online business strategy

How to make it easier for others to find your business on the web


1. Introduction to search engines

2. How are you found through search results

3. Use search results to achieve success

4. Use of search results ads

5. Optimizing search campaigns

How to reach a larger audience in your local domain, on social media or on mobile devices


1. Inform your local community about your business

2. How to show your business on social networks

3. Enhancing knowledge of social networks

4. Explore the opportunities offered by mobile devices

5. Using mobile devices to boost your business success

6. Get started with content marketing


1. Get started with statistics

2. Achieving success with statistics

3. Convert data into actions

How to sell products and services online

1. Create your online store

2. Increase online sales

How to achieve a global reach for business


1. Expanding commercial activity globally

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