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All the Different Vocabulary Between American and British English

All different vocabulary between American and British English

Here you will find words with different meanings or written differently that show the difference vocabulary between American and British English. 

The most noticeable difference between American and British English is vocabulary. 


Different Vocabulary Between American and British English


Here are hundreds of words that are different vocabulary between American and British English:

a deck of cardsa pack of cards
a pack of cigarettesa packet of cigarettes
antenna, aerialaerial (TV, radio)
apartment (flat: apartment with a single floor)
baby carriage, baby buggy, stoller pram, pushchair
baked potato
jacket potato
ball-point pen
to bathe
to bath
bathroom, restroom
toilet, loo
beet beetroot
pepperbell pepper
billfold wallet
bulletin boardnotice board
cab taxi
to call to ring
can tin
candy storesweet shop
carpet padunderlay
cellphonemobile (phone)
center centre
CEO (chief executive officer)managing director
check bill
checkers draughts
checkroom, coatroom cloakroom
clothespinclothes peg
color colour
comforter duvet
cookie biscuit
costumes fancy dress
cotton ballcotton wool
cotton candycandy floss
cozy cosy
cribcot (Baby)
crossroad (in the country) crossroads
intersection (town and country)pedestrian crossing
crosswalkzebra crossing
detour diversion
diaper nappy
directory assistancedirectory enquiries
downtown, city centertown centre, city centre
draft draught
driver's licensedriving licence
drugstore, pharmacychemist's shop
drunk drivingdrink driving
eggplant aubergine
elementary school, grade schoolprimary school
elevator lift
eraser rubber
everyplace, everywhere everywhere
Excuse me Sorry
expiration date
expiry date
face cloth, wash cloth flannel
faucet tap
favorite favourite
fender wing
field hockey hockey
fields day sports day
to fill out to fill in
film, movie film
fire departmentfire brigade
first floor, ground floor (in public buildings)ground floor
flashlight torch
flavor flavour
freeway, highway, expressway, interstate motorway
freight traingoods train
French fries chips
from Monday through Fridayfrom Monday to Friday
front desk reception
game match
garbage rubbish
garbage can/trash can bin, dustbin
gas petrol
gas pedal, accelerator accelerator
gear shiftgear lever
ground wireearth wire
harbor harbour
heavy creamdouble cream
hood bonnet
humor humour
inquiry enquiry
installment planhire purchase
inventory stock
jacket, parka anorak
janitor caretaker
jewelery jewellery
Joe Blow
kerosene/kerosine paraffin
kilometer kilometre
ladybug ladybird
lawyer, attorneybarrister, solicitor
license plate number plate
to line upto queue
liter litre
lost and foundlost property
mail post
mailbox letterbox, postbox
mailman postman
mashed potatoesmashed potato
math maths
Men's Room Gents
mom mum
mortician undertaker
motorcycle motorbike
national holiday, federal holidaybank holiday
Native AmericanAmerican Indian
nauseated sick
neighbor neighbour
one-way ticketsingle ticket
pacifier dummy
pants trousers
parentheses (round) brackets
parking lot car park
pavement roadway
periodfull stop
phone booth phone box
potato chips crisps
powdered sugar icing sugar
prime ratebase rate
principalheadmaster, headteacher
quotation marks inverted commas, quotation marks
railroad railway
raincoat mackintosh
raisin sultana
to rent to hire
restroom, bathroom toilet, loo
Résumé, curriculum vitae curriculum vitae (CV)
bath) robedressing gown
sales clerk shop assistant
Santa ClausFather Christmas
schedule timetable
second floorfirst floor
semester term
to set the table to lay the table
shrimp prawn
sidewalk pavement
sneakers trainers
soccer football
social security numbernational insurance number
stock share
store shop
streetcar tram
subwayunderground, tube
suspenders braces
sweater jumper
swimsuit (bathing) costume
theater theatre
thumbtackdrawing pin
traffic circle, rotary roundabout
trailer caravan
traveled travelled
truck lorry
trunk boot
turn signal, blinker indicator
turtleneckpolo neck
two weeks fortnight
underpants pants
underpass subway
undershirt vest
vacation holiday
vacuum cleaner hoover
vest waistcoat
wash up to wash
wrench spanner
yard garden
yard sale jumble sale
zip codepost code
zipper zip


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