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16 Different Conversation in English

Conversation in English between two people

Knowing the correct sentence and correct rules is critical, the English speaking is how to interact with other English speakers on a daily basis.


Different English conversation


Here are some summary talks among two people.

1. A conversation when watching movies

  • Hassan: We'd like two tickets for the 3:30show, please.
  • Ticket Sales: Here you go. Enjoy the movie!

  • Hassan: Would you mind moving over one, so my friend and I can sit together?
  • Woman: No, not at all.

  • Hassan: Thanks a lot!

2. Conversation about the age

  • Amr: I’m really excited for Aunt Heba’s surprise birthday party this afternoon! Aren’t you?
  • Dina: Yeah! How old is she?
  • Amr: She’ll be 55 on May 14.
  • Dina: Wow! I didn’t know that my mom was older — she’s going to be 57 on September 2 [second]. Anyway, Aunt Mary’s going to be so surprised to see us all here!

  • Amr: I know! But we still have to get all the food set up before she gets here ... OK! We’re all ready now. Shh! She’s here!
  • All: Surprise!

3. Conversation in transportation

  • Sara: Should we take a taxi or a bus to the mall?
  • Sam: Let’s take a bus. It’s impossible to get a taxi during rush hour.

  • Sara: Isn’t that a bus stop over there?
  • Sam: Yes ... Oh! There’s a bus now. We’ll have to run to catch it.

  • Sara: Oh, no! We just missed it.
  • Sam: No problem. There’ll be another one in 10 minutes.

4. Conversation during shopping

  • Sales Person: Can I help you?
  • Doda: Yes, I'm looking for a sweater — in a size medium.

  • Sales Person: Let's see ... here's a nice white one. What do you think?
  • Doda: I think I'd rather have it in blue.
  • Sales Person: OK ... here's blue, Would you like to try it on?
  • Doda: OK ... yes, I love it. It fits perfectly. How much is it?

  • Sales Person: It's $50. It will be $53, with tax.
  • Doda: Perfect! I'll take it.

5. Conversation after the exam

  • Linda: Hey! How did your physics exam go?
  • Adam: Not bad, thanks. I’m just glad it’s over! How about you'd your presentation go?
  • Linda: Oh, it went really well. Thanks for helping me with it!
  • Adam: No problem. So ... do you feel like studying tomorrow for our math exam?

  • Linda: Yeah, sure! Come over around 10:00, after breakfast.
  • Adam: All right. I’ll bring my notes.

6. Conversation in post office

  • Postal Clerk: What can I do for you today?
  • Hmada: I need to mail this package to New York, please.

  • Postal Clerk: OK, let’s see how much it weighs ... it’s about five pounds. If you send it express, it will get there tomorrow. Or you can send it priority and it will get there by Saturday.
  • Hmada: Saturday is fine. How much will that be? 

  • Postal Clerk: $11.35. Do you need anything else?
  • Hmada: Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. I need a book of stamps, too.

  • Postal Clerk: OK, your total comes to $20.35.

7. A conversation about doing the job

  • Hotel Receptionist: Hi, there. How can I help you?
  • Ali: Well, I'm in town visiting for a few days, and I need to get some things done while I'm here.

  • Hotel Receptionist: Sure. What do you need?
  • Ali: I need to get my hair cut. I also need to have my new pants.

  • Hotel Receptionist: OK. Here's a map of the city. There's a good hair salon here, which is just a block away. And there's a tailor right here. Is there anything else?
  • Ali: Yes. I'll need to have my car serviced before my long drive home!

  • Hotel Receptionist: No problem. There’s a good mechanic a few blocks away.

8. Conversation in the mall

  • Nona: Hey, aya ... Look at those desserts! How about baking some cookies today?
  • Aya: Hmm ... Yeah, that’s a great idea! While we’re here, let’s pick up the ingredients. 
  • Nona: OK, what do we need?
  • Aya: The recipe calls for flour, sugar and butter. Oh, and we also need eggs and chocolate chips.

  • Nona: Why don’t you get the dairy ingredients? You’ll find those in the refrigerated section in the back of the store. I’ll get the dry ingredients — they’re in aisle 10.
  • Aya: Great! Let’s meet at the checkout.

  • Nona: OK. See you there.

9. Conversations when asking for help

  • Hoda: Hey! That car just ran a red light and hit that truck!
  • Hana: Is anyone hurt?

  • Hoda: I don’t know ... let’s call 911. ... Hello? I’d like to report a car accident near the post office on Al waleed Street. It looks like a man is hurt. Yes, it just happened. OK, thanks. Bye.
  • Hana: What did they say?

  • Hoda: They're going to send an ambulance and a police car right away.
  • Hana: Good, they're here. I hope the man is OK.

  • Hoda: I know. You have to be so careful when you're driving.


10. Chat to ask for directions

  • Mohamed: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the library is?
  • Nancy: Yes, it's that way. You go three blocks to Washington Street, then turn right. It’s on the corner, across from the bank.

  • Mohamed: Thanks! I’ve only been in town a few days, so I really don’t know my way around yet.
  • Nancy: Oh, I know how you feel. We moved here a year ago, and I still don’t know where everything is!


11. Conversation in the doctor's office

  • Doctor: What seems to be the problem?
  • Fatma: Well, I have a bad cough and a sore throat. I also have a headache..  

  • Doctor: How long have you had these symptoms?
  • Fatma: About three days now. And I’m really tired, too. 

  • Doctor: Hmm. It sounds like you’ve got the flu. Take aspirin every four hours and get plenty of rest. Make sure you drink lots of fluids. Call me if you’re still sick next week.
  • Fatma: OK, thanks.

12. Conversation when ordering a meal

  • Waiter: Hello, I'll be your waiter today. Can I start you off with something to drink?
  • Michael: Yes. I'll have iced tea, please.
  • Aya: And I'll have lemonade.

  • Waiter: OK. Are you ready to order, or do you need a few minutes?
  • Michael: I think we're ready. I'll have the tomato soup to start, and the roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas.

  • Waiter: How do you want the beef — rare, medium, or well done?
  • Michael: Well done, please.
  • Aya: And I'll just have the fish, with potatoes and a salad.


13. Conversation about the weather

  • Hawa: It’s freezing outside! What happened to the weather report? I thought this cold front was supposed to pass.
  • Sama: Yeah, I thought so too. That’s what I read online this morning.

  • Hawa: I guess the wind chill is really driving down the temperature.
  • Sama: Can we go in side? I feel like my toes are starting to go numb.

14. Conversation when meeting someone by chance

  • Ali: Well, hello there, Heba! Long time no see!
  • Heba: Ali! What a coincidence! I haven"t seen you in ages! What are you doing here?

  • Ali: I just got a new job in the city, so I'm shopping for some clothes. Hey, what do you think of this shirt?
  • Heba: Hmmm ... well, you know how much I love blue. See? I've got the same shirt!
  • Ali: You always did have good taste! What a small world.

15. A short conversation about re-talking

  • Samer: Hello? Hi, Sara, how are things at the office?
  • Sara: Hi, Samer! How are you? Can you please stop and pick up extra paper for the computer printer?

  • Samer: What did you say? Can you repeat that, please? Did you say to pick up ink for the printer? Sorry, the phone is cutting out.
  • Sara: Can you hear me now? No, I need more computer paper. Listen, I'll text you exactly what I need. Thanks, Samer. Talk to you later.

  • Samer: Thanks, Sara. Sorry, my phone has really bad reception here.


16. A phone conversation between two people

  • Ali: Hi, Hend, it's Ali. How are you?
  • Hend: Oh, hi, Ali! I was just thinking about you.

  • Ali: That's nice. I was wondering if you'd like to go to a movie tonight.
  • Hend: Sure, I'd love to! What’s playing?

  • Ali: I was thinking about that new comedy Masrah Masr. What do you think?
  • Hend: Sounds great!

  • Ali: OK, I'll pick you up around 7:30. The movie starts at 8:00.
  • Hend: See you then. Bye!


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