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4 Differences Between Travel and Trip

differences between Travel and Trip with a simple explanation

The main difference between Travel and Trip is that Trip is a noun that refers to a relatively short trip while Travel is a verb that refers to the movement of people between distant geographical locations. 

In general, both of these words, Travel and Trip, have similar meanings. However, we cannot use these interchangeably because they belong to different grammatical categories. 

Difference between "travel" and "trip"


These two words often confuse learners of English. Here is a quick explanation that works for most situations:


The first difference:

We use travel as a verb for activities and trip as a noun, for example:

  • Susan’s husband isn’t in town at the moment; he is on a business trip.
  • He travels to many different countries. 
  • Susan met her husband on a trip to the Bahamas.

The second difference:

To get from one place to another we use travel and a trip is often for a short period of time. 

There are some exceptions to the general rule above. Travel can also be a noun when referring to the verb travel, for example: 

  • Travel broadens your mind.

The third difference:

Travel sometimes appears in the plural and in this case it is usually preceded by a possessive adjective (my travels, his travels, etc.), for example:

  • She has had many adventures in her travels.
  • I have never seen any as strange as that in all of my travels.

The fourth difference:

Trip can also be a verb, although it has an entirely different meaning.

Using trip  when you accidentally stumble and come close to falling while walking or running, usually after your foot hits something, for example:

  •  He didn't see the cat and he tripped up.

"Travel" and "trip" in general sentences


The difference between "travel" and "trip" can be made clearer when you memorize the sentence. Here are 40 sentences:


"Travel" in sentences include:

  1. To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.
  2. There are often discounts available for midweek travel.
  3. Nowadays people travel by plane.
  4. The company issues travel vouchers to all managers.
  5. Travel will acquaint us with new customs.
  6. Small travel operators are facing bankruptcy.
  7. The travel bureau is not so far from here.
  8. Motorways have largely superseded ordinary roads for long-distance travel.
  9. Someday I'd like to travel abroad .
  10. I'm ready to travel, and you're my ticket.
  11. Officers are entitled to travel first class.
  12. Freight trains travel slowly on upgrades into the hills.
  13. He determined to travel no further that night.
  14. It is expensive to travel by plane.
  15. Travel adds spice to your life.
  16. The letter lay unopened in the travel firm's pigeonhole.
  17. This pass enables me to travel half-price on trains.
  18. Many people travel to work each day by railway.
  19. He made full use of the opportunity to travel.
  20. You'll have to travel in disguise.
  21. These attractions induce people to travel in that country.

"Trip" in sentences include:

  1. Better the foot slip than the tongue trip.
  2. Long trailing flexes are a serious trip hazard.
  3. Hoping you will have a pleasant trip!
  4. The fully inclusive fare for the trip is £42.
  5. Did you have good weather on your trip?
  6. The trip calls for careful advance planning.
  7. We went on a day trip to the seaside.
  8. He postponed his trip at the eleventh hour.
  9. She started on her trip yesterday morning.
  10. A trip to India may be in the wind.
  11. His wife accompanied him on the trip.
  12. He has called off the trip.
  13. Will 10 suffice for the trip?
  14. When did she return home from the trip?
  15. They took a trip down the river.
  16. He had miscalculated how long the trip would take.
  17. She cancelled her trip to Paris.
  18. He was getting excited just thinking about the trip.
  19. He has gone on a business trip.
  20. Don't follow others' steps when making your own trip.


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