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Difference Between Under, Beneath and Below

Under, Beneath and Below

To be precise and proficient in English you should know how to use them separately. 


Difference between under, beneath and below

Here are the differences, as usual, with a light explanation.

1. How to use under

Under is the most used of the three in everyday speech when talking about lower physical condition, examples:

  • We sat under the stars and listened to the night sounds.
  • Keeping the boxes under the bed helps to save space. 

2. How to use beneath

beneath is more formal and less common in spoken English, examples:

  • Beneath the blankets.
  • Beneath the surface of the water.

3. How to use below

Below is used to talk about the plane of something on a flat plane, examples:

  • Please read the instructions below before you begin.
  • children aged below eight years of age.

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