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The Difference Between Play, Game and Match

"Play", "Game" and "Match"

The difference between them is easy, and you must know them if you want to be well versed in English.


Difference between "play", "game" and "match"


Here are the main differences between "play", "game", and "match" with an easy and simple explanation and their use with examples.


1. How to use "play"?

Play - Is often used in leisure activities, examples:

  • The children spent hours on play.
  • The team will play France on Wednesday.

2. How to use "game"?

Game - Is often used for competition, examples:

  • The Olympic Games take part every four years.
  • For the most part, Football is truly a team game in a sports world.

3. How to use "match"?

Match - Is used as a real sports competition, examples:

  • They are playing an important match on Sunday.
  • The match has finished.


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