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The Difference Between Have and Have Got

The difference between "Have" and "Have got"


There is no difference between them, they both mean the same but the difference is that have got not official, but there are 5 very important rules in between.


Difference between "have" and "have got"

1. There is no difference between them, examples: 

  • I have a brother = I have got a brother
  • You have a sister = You have got a sister
  • He has a cat = He has got a cat
  • She has a dog = She has got a dog
  • It has Bluetooth = It has got Bluetooth
  • We have books = We have got books
  • You have a nice room = You have got a nice room 
  • They have pets = They have got pets

2. Be careful, you can't just write the abbreviation with "Have", it must be accompanied by "Got", examples:

  • I've got a new mobile phone - I've a new mobile phone
  • He's got a new car - He's a new car 

3. Do not use the auxiliary verb "have got" with "have" only, and beware of the negative. Examples: 

  • Have you got a garden? - Do you have got a garden?
  • Do you have a pet? - Have you a pet?
  • They haven't got a brother - They haven't a brother


4. Have can not always be replaced with Have got unless you talk about possession and relationships, examples:

  • I have a brother - I've got a brother.
  • I had an accident - I had got an accident.
  • We had lunch - We had got lunch.


5. In American English, Have is dropped in informal speech, as in the following example:

  • We've got a problem. (Formal) = We got a problem. (Informal)



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