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The Difference Between Has Got and Have Got

The difference between has got and have got

In this lesson, you will learn the difference between "has got" and "have got". The difference is very simple, but you may be confused because you don't know how and when to use each verb.


Difference between "has got" and "have got"


Here's the main difference between them. In general, "Have" is more common in North America and is becoming more and more popular in the UK.


How to use "has got"?


1. We use "Has got" with (he, she, it) only. Examples:

  • He has got a budgie.
  • He's got a budgie.
  • He has not got a budgie.
  • He hasn't got a budgie.
  • He's not got a budgie.

  • She has got a dog.
  • She's got a dog.
  • She has not got a dog.
  • She hasn't got a dog.
  • She's not got a dog.

  • It has got Bluetooth.
  • It's got Bluetooth.
  • It has not got Bluetooth.
  • It hasn't got Bluetooth.
  • It's not got Bluetooth.

2- Use in affirmative and negative question form, examples:

A: Has he got a mobile phone?

  • Yes, he has.
  • No, he hasn't.

B: Has she got a pink car?

  • Yes, she has.
  • No, she hasn't.

C: Has it got mudguards?

  • Yes, it has.
  • No, it hasn't.

    3- Don't use "Got" with short sentences. Examples:

    A: Has it got mudguards?

    • Yes, it has.
    • Yes, it has got.

    How to use "have got"?


    1- We use "Have got" with (I, you, we, they), examples:

    • I have got a brother.
    • I've got a brother.
    • I have not got a brother.
    • I haven't got a brother.
    • I've not got a brother.

    • You have got a sister.
    • You've got a sister.
    • You have not got a sister.
    • You haven't got a sister.
    • You've not got a sister.

    • We have got CDs.
    • We've got CDs.
    • We have not got CDs.
    • We haven't got CDs.
    • We've not got CDs.

    • You have got a nice room.
    • You've got a nice room.
    • You have not got a nice room.
    • You haven't got a nice room.
    • You've not got a nice room.

    • They have got pets.
    • They've got pets.
    • They have not got pets.
    • They haven't got pets.
    • They've not got pets.

    2- Use in affirmative and negative question form, examples:

    A: Have I got time?

    • Yes, I have.
    • No, I haven't.

    B: Have you got lots of friends?

    • Yes, I have.
    • No, I haven't.

    C: Have we got milk?

    • Yes, we have.
    • No, we haven't.

    D: Have you got a brown bag?

    • Yes, we have.
    • No, we haven't

    E: Have they got nice books?

    • Yes, they have.
    • No, they haven't.

    3- Don't use "got" with short sentences. Examples:

    A: Have they got lots of friends?
    • Yes, they have.
    • Yes, they have got. 

    "Has got" and "have got" in general sentences


    Some more examples will help you better understand the difference of "has got" and "have got" in sentences.

    "Has got" in sentences include:

    • A bird has got inside the chimney,and can't get out!
    • He has got a bad headache.
    • He has got a cancer in his lung.
    • He has got a new assignment for you.
    • He has got a superficial wound.
    • He has got no ballast whatever.
    • He has got the election in his pocket.
    • He's overworking and has got a lot on his mind.
    • Our house has got a splendid view across to the Cotswolds.
    • She has got an ear infection.
    • She has got some kind of virus.
    • She has got such a beautiful face.
    • The appeal has got off to a flying start , with over £200,000 raised in the first week.
    • The athlete has got powerful muscles.
    • The garage has got full of junk again.
    • The story has got around—everyone knows about it.
    • The story has got round—everyone knows about it.
    • The zip on my anorak has got stuck.
    • Their skill, enthusiasm and running has got them in the team.
    • Which of the applicants has got the job?

    "Have got" in sentences include:

    • We have got wet patches on the wall.
    • I have got over my weakness and fatigue.
    • I have got to meet my partner every Friday.
    •  I have got one or two shirts to hang out.
    • They have got to abide by the rules.
    • The tickets seem to have got lost.
    • I have got some money by me.
    • I have got lots of famous footballers' autographs.
    • They must have got in through the bathroom window.
    • I wonder where my glasses have got to.
    • Anyone could have got in and doped the wine.
    • The wires have got all tangled up.
    • The country must have got the bomb now.
    • If they want promotion, United have got to pull their socks up.
    • Those jeans have got too tight and I can't wear them any more.
    • I have got to go out as soon as this job is done.
    • Dust particles must have got into the motor, which is why it isn't working properly.
    • The general manager may have got steamed up about nothing.
    • I only like films that have got plenty of action.
    • We seem to have got off the subject we're meant to be discussing.
    • The bananas have got all squashed up in the basket.


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