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Difference Between Electric, Electrical, Electronic and Electronically

The difference between electric, electrical, electronic, and electronically

The meanings of electric, electrical, electronic, and electronically often overlap, but the four terms are not completely interchangeable. 


Difference Between "Electric", "Electrical", "Electronic" and "Electronically"


Learn how to use them and the difference between them in a very simple and useful condition. 

1. How to use "electric"?

It is used with special nouns such as "powered by" or "charged with" or electrical production. Examples:

  • My father used to play an electric guitar.
  • My heart suffered a sudden electric jolt when I realized who had spoken. 
  •   A lot of electric lamps illuminated the stage.
  • The news had an electric effect.
  • They utilized water for producing electric power.
  • Electric rays stun their prey with huge electrical discharges.
  • Before the parade, the atmosphere was electric.
  • Could you plug in the electric kettle,please?
  • With electric cars there is a big environmental payoff.
  • There is an electric socket in the wall.

2. How to use "electrical"?

It is used with generic nouns, and it works by means of an electric generator. Examples:

  • We must save electrical energy.
  • Electrical appliances.
  • Electric rays stun their prey with huge electrical discharges.
  • We can transmute water power into electrical power.
  • Electrical power is supplied by underground cables.
  • A defect was found in the water-cooling/electrical circuit.
  • The factory supplies electrical components for cars.
  • The cooker isn't working because of an electrical fault.
  • We will be subcontracting most of the electrical work.
  • The microphone converts acoustic waves to electrical signals for transmission.

3. How to use "electronic"?

Used as an adjective, examples:

  • An electronic calculator.
  • Electronic banking.
  • Father needs a new electronic shaver.
  • This radar is operated by an electronic pulse.
  • He majors in electronic engineering.
  • Electronic banking may make overthe - counter transactions obsolete.
  • the electronic edition of 'The Guardian'
  • The television receiver is an electronic device.
  • It was a seamless procession of wonderful electronic music.
  • This dictionary is available in electronic form.

4. How to use "electronically"?

Used as an adverb, examples:

  • The report has to be handed in electronically.
  • Electronically published.
  • The information is transmitted electronically to the central computer.
  • New material is scanned, indexed and stored electronically.
  • Our conversation will be electronically scrambled.
  • Data is easily transferred electronically.
  • Passengers can now be ticketed electronically.
  • The information is recorded electronically.
  • Clients can now contact us electronically out of hours .
  • The data, normally transmitted electronically, can be changed into pulses of light.


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