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The Difference Between Bring and Take

The difference between bring and take

The vocabulary "take" and "bring" are two verbs that often appear on commonly confused word lists. Both mean that something, or someone, is changing its position with the help of another thing or person. 


Difference between bring and take


Learn the method of use and the difference between Bring and Take in a very simple and useful condition. 


1. How to use "bring"?

Use "bring" To come to a place with someone or something, 


  • Can you bring me the Coke, please?
  • I'll bring the children to school 
  • Care and diligence bring luck.
  • April showers bring forth May flowers. 
  • Riches bring care and fear.
  • Riches do not always bring happiness. 
  • March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers. 
  • Small gains bring great wealth.
  • The evil we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear.
  • Don't cast out the foul water till you bring in the clean.

2. How to use "take"?

Use "take" to carry or move something from one place to another.


  • Can you take the book to the library, please?
  • It's small enough to take in the car.
  • Take something by the best handle.
  • Lazy folks take the most pains.
  • Seize or take time by the forelock.
  • Black will take no other hue.
  • When the fox preaches, take care of your geese.
  • Take the world as one finds it.
  • Between grief and nothing, I will take grief.
  • Take time when time cometh, lest time steal away.



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