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Difference Between Because, As, Since and For

because, as, since, for

What conjunctions should you use to show why? People seem confused about what kinds of pairing tools you can use.


Difference between because, as, since, and for


Learn the difference between "because, as, since and for" with a very simple and useful condition.


1. How to use "because"?

It is said when the reason is important in the sentence. Examples:

  • The students could go home earlier because the teacher was ill.
  • Because the teacher was ill, the students could go home earlier. 

2. How to use "as"?

When a cause is already known, examples:

  • As we read, we learn.
  • I must stop now as I have to go out.


3. How to use "since"?

When the cause is already known. (more formal than As ), examples:

  • Since we were in this page, our English has improved.
  • She has suffered from depression since she was sixteen.

4. How to use "for"?

As a reason to be said in the last sentences, examples:

  • She's off to Cairo for the weekend.
  • We went to a small restaurant - for we were hungry.


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