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9 Dialogues and Short Conversations to Learn English

Short conversations to teach English

Do you have problems having real English conversations? Do you want to improve your spoken English quickly? You are too busy to join any English language course? 

Do not worry. Let us help you. First of all, you need to learn common structures, sentence patterns, common expressions, common idiomatic verbs, and idioms used a lot in everyday life. 

The English dialogues and short conversations are given in this blog to benefit your life and activities and words. Here are very useful short talks.

1. Conversation learn how to give advice

  • Layla: Thanks for meeting with me during your lunch hour. I appreciate it. 
  • Monica: No problem. I'm happy to help. What's going on?
  • Layla: Oh you know, the usual. Should I take this new job? Or do I stick with my current one? 
  • Monica: Well, I think it’s time for a change, don’t you? They pay you late and you are unhappy.
  • Layla: Do you really think so? 
  • Monica: I know so. And I’ve been listening to you complain for over a year now. Trust me. Take the job. What do you have to lose?

2. Conversation at a wedding

  • Aya: Doesn't the bride look beautiful in that wedding dress?
  • Maria: Yes. She looks amazing. And the groom is so romantic. I just heard the story of how they got engaged! He proposed to her during a candlelight dinner in London. Did you know that was where they went to school?

  • Aya: Oh? Wonderful. And the honey moon! What a great idea! Most people just go to the beach for a week after they tie the knot. But they plan on heading to California and cruising the coast on their motorcycle. 
  • Maria: Really! What a fantastic idea. This is by far the best wedding I’ve ever been to.

3. Conversation about hobbies

  • Ryan: I'm so happy this week of midterm exams is finished. 
  • Nagwa: Same here. I’m looking forward to relaxing in the mountains this weekend. I’ve planned a little hike in the woods. And I’m gonna take a canoe trip down the river if the weather cooperates.
  • Ryan: Oh, fun! I'm going to Hurghada. I'm taking my camera because fall is coming fast. The leaves are already turning all shades of red and orange. It will be awesome. 
  • Nagwa: Next time you go there, I'll join you. I've heard Michigan is a great place to go Hurghada.

4. A conversation that teaches you to give your opinion

  • Hoda: Where should we take a vacation this year? Let's decide soon.
  • Nesma: Well, I'd like to go somewhere warm. How about the beach? Or we could rent a cabin on the lake.
  • Hoda: You want to go to the beach, again? I want to ski this winter. How about a compromise? What about traveling to the Alps in Europe next April? We can find a ski resort on a lake.
  • Nesma: Oh, we've never been to Europe before! But I don't know if it will be sunny and warm then. I need to do some research first. That will help me make up my mind.

5. Conversation at the pet store

  • Ahmed: Oh! What a beautiful cat. What do you think? 
  • Ibrahim: I think I'd rather get a dog. Dogs are more loyal than cats.
  • Ahmed: Yes, but they're so much work! Would you be willing to walk it every single day? And clean up after it? 
  • Ibrahim: Hmm. Good point. What about a bird? Or a fish?

  • Ahmed: We'd have to invest a lot of money in a cage or a fish tank. And I don’t really know how to take care of a bird or a fish! 
  • Ibrahim: Well, we're obviously not ready to get a pet yet.

  • Ahmed: Yeah, you're right. Let's go grab some coffee and talk about it.

6. A conversation about taking a vacation

  • Julie: I just bought a ticket to New York City. I'm so excited to see the city! 
  • Sophie: Good for you! Traveling is so much fun. I love discovering new places and new people. When are you leaving?
  • Julie: Next week. I'm taking the redeye. It was cheaper. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep on the plane. 
  • Sophie: I wish I could go with you! New York City is a magical place. You will have so much fun.
  • Julie: I hope so. I’m going to visit my brother who lives there. I will stay for a week and then take the train down to Washington, D.C. 
  • Sophie: That sounds like a great vacation. I’m looking forward to a week at the beach for my summer vacation. I just want to relax.

7. Conversation in the theater

  • Samer: What a fantastic performance! Thank you for inviting me to the musical. 
  • Rana: You are welcome. I'm happy you enjoyed the show. The choreography of the dancers was incredible. It reminds me of when I used to dance.
  • Samer: I know! You were such a talented ballerina. Do you miss dancing? 
  • Rana: Oh, that's very kind of you, SAMER. I do miss it sometimes. But I will always be a fan of the arts. That's why I love going to musicals because it’s the perfect combination of song, dance and theater.
  • Samer: Absolutely! I'm glad you are still an art fan too. Thank you for the invitation. It's always a pleasure to attend an arts event with you and learn something new.


8. Conversation about your favorite sport

  • Mostafa: What time is that soccer game on? I thought it started at noon. 
  • Hmada: We must have had the wrong time. Oh, well ... soccer’s not my favorite sport anyway. I much prefer basketball.
  • Mostafa: Oh, really? I thought your favorite sport was tennis! I’m a big fan of basketball, too. 
  • Hmada: How about a game sometime?
  • Mostafa: Sure! Why don't we go shoot some hoops now since the soccer game isn't on? 
  • Hmada: Excellent idea. Let’s go.


9. A conversation about hobbies

  • Hend: So ... what should we do? 
  • Farida: Well, I like to do arts and crafts, and I’m really good at drawing. What do you think?

  • Hend: Hmm ... how about playing a PlayStation game? That would be more fun.
  • Farida: OK. Let's play a PlayStation game! I’m really good at Football, too!
  • Hend: Oh, yeah? We'll see about that. 
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