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How to Use Become, Get, Go and Turn Correctly

How to use become, get, go, turn

The differences between them are complex - they depend partly on grammar, partly on meaning and partly on consistent usage.


The difference between "become, get, go, turn"


Words like turn, become, get, go are used to describe changes and transformations - but many learners confuse them. Read this lesson to learn the difference!


1. How to use "turn"?

A. Change in nature, state, form, or color; become. verb

  • Emmeline turned pale.
  • The sky turned pink and orange during the sunset. 

B. An act of moving something in a circular direction around an axis or point. verb

  • A safety lock requiring four turns of the key.
  • The big wheel was turning.

2. How to use "get"? 

A. In informal English, it is used with emotions. verb

  • I got angry when my colleague said things about me that weren't true.
  • My son's getting excited about his birthday party next week. He'll be 5.

B. You can also use get with comparative adjectives. verb

  • It's gotten more expensive to buy an apartment in this city.
  • It's getting easier and easier for me to understand movies in English!

3. How to use "become"? 

A. "Become" can be used with emotions and comparative adjectives in formal English. verb

  • My sister became depressed after she moved to a new city.
  • It's becoming more difficult to balance work and life in the modern world. 

B. Always used with professions (don't use Get as a substitute). verb

  • My son is studying really hard. He wants to become a lawyer someday.
  • Liala became a famous actress when she was just four years old. 

C. You can use "Get "with used to and not become. verb

  • I've gotten used to taking cold showers.
  • We never got used to driving on the opposite side of the road while we lived in England. 

D. You use "become" or "get" with "accustomed to" (become more formal and more common in written English). verb

  • It took years for him to become accustomed to life in another country.
  • When I started my new job, I had to get accustomed to waking up early.

4. How to use "go"? 

"Go" is used with these specific words. verb

  • Go crazy
  • Go blind
  • Go bald

Use "become, get, go and turn" correctly


We have included some false statements and some true. Note: the word "get" is more common than "become".


  • I became a present from him.
  • I got a present from him. 

  • When do I become my steak?
  • When do I get my steak? 

  • He became a shock when he saw his car.
  • He got a shock when he saw his car. 

  • The tea becomes him good.
  • The tea does him good. 

  • I will a teacher.
  • I want to become a teacher. 

  • He would famous
  • He became famous. 

  • We were friends.
  • We became friends. 

  • It would clear that she wanted to leave.
  • It became clear that she wanted to leave. 

  • It will dark.
  • It's getting dark. 

  • He was red.
  • He turned red. 

  • She was white when she saw the accident.
  • She went white when she saw the accident.


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