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Best Difference Between See, Visit, Attend and go to

Best Difference Between "See" "Visit" "Attend" and "go to"

The difference between "see" "visit" "attend" and "go to" is easy. Some students have trouble deciding whether to use "go to, attend, visit, or see" so today I'll show you how to use them.


Difference between 'see' 'visit' 'attend' and 'go to'

When do we use them? Here are what you are looking for:

1. Use of "see"

We use "see" when perceive with the eyes; discern visually. Examples: 

  • Come and see us tomorrow.
  • I went to see pyramids.

2. Use of "visit"

"Visit" is used to go to visit someone or something and is more formal, examples:  

  • Lots of tourists visit the Tower every day.
  • A visit to the doctor.

3. Use of "attend"

You use "attend" to go to something regularly, examples:  

  • I attend a university.
  • All children are required to attend school.

4. Use of "go to"

You use "go to" to go anywhere, examples:  

  • I go to university.
  • We go to a party every Friday.


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