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Avoid Common Mistakes When Using Social Networks

Are you beginning to understand the measuring success on social media? Now, you're on the right track, but there are some traps that could harm your efforts, and maybe even your business.

Common mistakes when using social networks


This article will cover some of those traps such as boring and repetitive sales letters, posting once every three months, and vice versa such as posting too many. Ready to learn about some taboos?

1. Not everything revolves around you

The first rule of social media: It's not all about you. People use the internet to share news, tips on how to make things, and funny cat videos, meaning they're not there to hear about your sales.


And brands that don't have anything else to say often get boring and quickly get overlooked.

So, if you are a business owner, remember that anyone who follows you on social media is already interested in you, there is no point in trying to sell crudely, but rather focus on providing a good experience and keeping visitors interested.

For example, if you own that classic clothing store, let your followers know what's new in your store, what's coming soon and how you're doing your business, you don't have to re-create your product pages and put them in the public eye.

Therefore, people do not want monologues directed at them, but rather a lively communication between two parties, they want to know that you are listening. So:

  • Hear people's responses to you
  • Make a plan to respond to comments
  • Be in agreement
  • Be careful
  • Be consistent
  • Follow up on complaints
  • Provide people with the information they ask for

Even negative feedback doesn't have to end in disaster, it can be an opportunity to show your clients and all the other people who might be watching that you really want to help them.

2. Don't over-publish yourself on social media

Don't over-publish yourself on social media. There are endless opportunities on all networks to talk to customers, but those conversations take a long time.

And if you're not careful, you'll feel stressed and tired trying to match tons of sites.


Focus on the ones that interest you the most and expand your activity in them, because this is more beneficial to you.

Have you ever checked out a page for a brand or product that interests you on social media and didn't find a new update for months?

This is another big mistake, it can make people wonder if something is going on, and even if your business still exists.

Remember that growing, innovative and exciting businesses have a lot to say.

Those that are slow and bad, don't talk much. Which would you rather be?



Finally, the importance of measuring what your efforts pay off cannot be stressed enough, but using social media and analytics tools can show you first hand how your efforts pay off your net revenue, and tell you what's more valuable than the rest.

Don't worry! It's easy to avoid falling into disaster on social media, just stay honest with yourself and don't get bogged down, answer comments and focus on sites that seem useful to you, be consistent and follow the results! Do all this and you will see the fruits of your efforts on social media.

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