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How to Ask a Question Using WILL

Using "Will" in English

You probably know how to make sentences with "will" when they are not questions. for example:

  • Joe will play football

This example above is in the future simple tense. So now we want to make a question: 

1- What you need to do now is to first put "will":

  • Will

2- Put the "subject" (the thing or person doing something):

  • Will Joe

3- Put the main "verb":

  • Will Joe Play

4- Finally, put the rest of the sentence.

  • Will Joe Play Football

How to ask questions using "will"?

We often use "will" when asking a question.

Consisting of: Will + subject + verb

  • Will + you + lend + him the book?   
  • Yes/No + I + will/will not.

  • Will + Hana + arrive + on time?    
  • Yes/No + she + will/will not.

Questions with question words using "Will"


You can also ask a question with a question word.

Consisting of: Question word Will + subject + verb

  • When + will + you + send + me the e-mail?
  • I will send you the e-mail tonight.

  • What+ will + we + need for the party?
  • We will need cola, sandwiches and crisps.

Examples of using "will" in questions

Here are examples to practice "will" in questions:
  1. Daddy, if I go to bed now will you tuck me in?
  2. He's got to sign that paper - will you tell him it's urgent?
  3. How long will you be in Japan?
  4. How long will you be staying in the United States?
  5. How old will you be on December 31 of this year?
  6. I'm doing a sponsored swim on Saturday will you sponsor me?
  7. I've forgotten his name—will you remind me of it?
  8. Oh, you've got a lot of candies!Will you split with us?
  9. Please will you shut the door?
  10. Sling me an apple, will you?
  11. We cannot say for sure what will happen.
  12. What reduction will you make on this article?
  13. What will become of those refugees?
  14. What will ensue from / on these actions?
  15. What will the cities of the future look like?
  16. What will the job involve?
  17. What will the weather be like tomorrow?
  18. What will you have for lunch?
  19. What will you have?
  20. When will I see you again?
  21. When will the dictionary be published?
  22. When will you go up to Cambridge University?
  23. When will you harvest your wheat?
  24. When will you return to the office?
  25. When will you return to the office?
  26. Who knows what will happen in the future?
  27. Who will be the host for tonight's program?
  28. Who will get the Republican nomination for president?
  29. Who will play host to the next Olympic Games?
  30. Who will reform Britain's unfair electoral system?
  31. Will he be here long?
  32. Will he fall again?
  33. Will he listen to me or will I just be wasting my breath?
  34. Will you act as interpreter for us?
  35. Will you all join in singing the refrain, please ?
  36. Will you call your dog off, please?
  37. Will you change the baby's diaper?
  38. Will you collect all the students to the classroom?
  39. Will you come to my party?
  40. Will you do us the great favour of partaking of our humble wine?
  41. Will you escort this young lady to the dancing party tonight ?
  42. Will you get one for me?
  43. Will you go to the routine meeting instead of me?
  44. Will you hand on this telegram to your friend?



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