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Ask a Question in the Past Continuous

Ask a Question in the Past Continuous

To make questions in the Past Continuous, put "was" or "were" before the "subject" and add the "-ing" form of the "verb", for example:

1- Positive statement: The subject "I" first, then "was".

  • I was sleeping

2- The positive question: To ask a question, the form "was" comes first, then the subject "I".

  • Was I sleeping?

Ask questions in the past continuous


The questions in the past continuous consist of: Was/were + Pronouns + verb + ing.

  • Question: Were you readingbooks?
  • Answer: Yes or Nowas or was not.

  • Question: Was+ Fathi playing + football?
  • Answer: Yes or Nohe + was or was not.

  • Question: Were theysinginga song?
  • Answer: Yes or Notheywere or were not.

Examples of past continuous in questions

  1. Was he living in Paris at the time?
  2. Was he studying all night again?
  3. Was he/she/it singing?
  4. Was I listening?
  5. Was I singing?
  6. Was it snowing when you arrived?
  7. Was it snowing yesterday at 5 o’clock?
  8. Was she working?
  9. Was I snoring?
  10. Was the baby crying a lot today?
  11. Were the boys working in the garden when their uncle came round for a coffee?  
  12. Were they singing?
  13. Were they studying?
  14. Were we eating lots of candy?
  15. Were we eating?
  16. Were we singing?
  17. Were you singing?
  18. Were you singing?
  19. Were you still skating in the park when Jemma called you?
  20. Were you working?
  21. Were they playing nicely today or were they fighting?
  22. Were we talking too loud last night?

Question word in the past continuous


The question word in the past continuous consist of: Question word was/were + Pronouns + verb + ing.

  • Question: What + wereyou + doing  + yesterday evening?
  • Answer: I was working on my computer.

  • Question: Wherewas Diana + goingat ten last night?
  • Answer: She was going to a concert.

  • Question: Why + werethey + carrying + the buckets?
  • Answer: They were carrying the buckets because they wanted to clean the car.

Examples of past continuous in questions

  1. How was she travelling?
  2. How was your new car working?
  3. How were your children getting along?
  4. What music were they listening to?
  5. What was the policeman telling us?
  6. What were we eating?
  7. What instruments were those musicians playing?
  8. What was she thinking about last night? She looked worried.
  9. What was your cat eating?
  10. Where was he going?
  11. Where was he going?
  12. Where were you living?
  13. Where were they flying to?
  14. Where were the children hiding?
  15. Why was I working?
  16. Why was it snowing in the summer?
  17. Why were they studying?
  18. Why were they drinking champagne yesterday?
  19. Why were the buses running late?



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