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ASK: Collocations and Idioms With Meanings and Examples

Collocations and idioms with Ask

Some of the collocations and idioms with Ask can form sentences "as a verb and noun" or use them as "idioms." 


Collocations and idioms with "ask"


Here are some 31 collocations and idioms with Ask with easy Meaning and examples:

1. Ask a favour: To ask someone to do something for you because you need their help

  • Can I ask a favour?


2. Ask a question: Literally, to ask a question.

  • Sally interrupted me in midstream to ask a question.


3. Ask about: To try to find out information about something by asking a lot of different people.

  • I want to ask you about your opinion about this book.


4. Ask after: To inquire about another person's wellbeing.

  • Oh, Sara asked after you today. I told her you're doing well.


5. Ask for advice: Literally, to ask for advice.

  • You should go to your doctor and ask for advice.


6. Ask for directions

  • Literally, to ask for directions.

    • How do you ask for directions in Korea?


7. Ask for something

  • Literally, to ask for something.
    • He never speaks to me other than to ask for something.


8. Ask permission

  • Literally, for permission.
    • You must ask permission if you want to leave early.


9. Ask someone out

  • To invite someone to go with you somewhere socially, esp. because you have romantic feelings for the person.
    • She said she was going to ask him out to lunch.


10. Ask if 

  • To giving opinion on something.
    • Tom asked if she wanted a cup of coffee.

11. Ask (something) of 

  • To request something of another person.
    • I hope she doesn't ask that of me—I'm afraid I won't be able to say no.


12. Ask back

  • To invite someone to return to a place. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ask" and "back."
    • Because so many people came to my last talk, I've been asked back to the college.


13. Ask for it

  • Slang To act in a way that warrants the punishment or other repercussion that follows. 

    • Aya is a very patient person, so if she dumped Fathi, he must have asked for it.


14. Ask me another 

  • A phrase used when one does not know the answer to a question.

    • A: Why is the sky blue?
    • B: How should I know? Ask me another!


15. Ask (something) of

  • To request something of another person.

    • I hope she doesn't ask that of me—I'm afraid I won't be able to say no.


16. Ask (someone) round 

  • To ask someone to come visit one's house. 
    • Why don't you ask John round later for a cup of tea?

17. Ask down

  • To invite another person to one's home. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ask" and "down." 
    • I've been asked down to the MacLeods' farm this weekend.

18. Ask someone down

  • To invite someone to come to one's home [for a visit]. (Usually said when someone must go to a lower level, travel south, down a hill, or into the country for the visit.) 
    • Sam asked us down for Friday evening. Shall we go?

19. Ask for the moon

  • To make requests or demands that are (or are perceived to be) extraordinary or unreasonable. 
    • I just asked them if we could go to lunch a little earlier, and they're acting like I'm asking for the moon!


20. Ask me one on sport

  • A response when one does not know the answer to the question. (I.e., ask me about a topic I actually know something about.) Primarily heard in UK. 
    • A: How will the raise affect your tax band?"
    • B: I have no idea. Ask me one on sport.


21. Ask no questions and hear no lies

  • Don't question me on that topic because I will probably lie. 
    • I'm not going to tell you what we're planning for your birthday, so ask no questions and hear no lies.


22. Ask (one) point-blank

  • To ask one something in a blunt and direct manner. 
    • For all his faults, at least John will ask you point-blank when he needs something, rather than dancing around the issue like most people.

23. Asking for a friend

  • A phrase used humorously when one is really asking about something (usually something embarrassing) for oneself.
    • Do we really have to shower every day? Asking for a friend, obviously.

24. Ask around

  • To try to find out information about something by asking a lot of different people. 
    • I've been asking around to see if anyone is prepared for our Biology final, and the consensus has been a firm "no.""

25. Ask (one) around

  • To ask one to come visit one's house. 
    • I asked Mary around to watch a movie, but she was busy.


26. Ask (one) over

  • For someone to invite one to the place where they live. 
    • Mom, can I ask some friends over?


27. Ask (one) in(to some place)

  • To invite another person into a place, often one's home. 
    • Haven't I asked you into our new house before?

28. Ask someone in

  • To invite someone inside some place. 
    • We stopped our friends in the hallway and asked them in.

29. Ask no odds

  • To ask for nothing. 
    • Ask no odds of the governing body, and you will not be disappointed.

30. Asking price

  • The price a seller seeks in exchange for a particular item. 
    • What's the asking price for that necklace?


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