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As as grammar With Useful Meanings and Examples

as as grammar

The as as grammar (as good as, as often as, as well as, as soon as, as far, as long as, as much as, as many as, as fast as) are used to express opinions. Here are the common as as grammar you might need every day when speaking English.

1. As good as

"As good as" used of a result which will inevitably follow; almost:

  • If we pass on the information, he's as good as dead.
  • Give as good as one gets. 

2. As often as

"As often as" means every time:

  • You will be safe as often as you follow the instructions. 
  • I will pay for the meal as often as you make the reservation.

3. As well as

"As well as" means including information. It is usually followed by a noun or a formula. Basically means "in addition to" or "also":

  • Please don't forget to bring your course book as well as your homework.
  • Ahmed as well as Ali was happy to hear the news.

4. As soon as

"As soon as" means immediately at or shortly; a time expression that ties sentences together like "when," "at the same time," or "very soon after.":

  • I will call you as soon as I have finished shopping.
  • As soon as I entered the class, students stood up.

5. As far as

"As far as" is commonly used to indicate the extent of the distance. It can also be used to talk about how well a person understands or knows something. 

It is commonly used in expressions such as:

  • As far as I know.
  • As far as I understand.
  • As far as I'm concerned.
  • As far as I can remember, her name is Hoda and she is 20 years.
  • As far as I know, you're a good guy.

6. As long as

"As long as" is compare length. It can also be used in the conditional to mean something like "if" or "on the condition that":

  • I'm happy as long as my friend is sitting next to me during the lesson.
  • I'll drive the car as long as You don't talk to me.

7. As much as

As much as is used to compare things in a way similar to "even though" or "despite":

  • I don't have as much money as you. But you don't have as many friends as I do!
  • As much as I enjoyed the party, the music wasn't great.

8. As many as

"As many as" refers to a surprisingly large number:

  • As many as four and a half million people watched today's parade.
  • They lost by as many as 20 points.

9. As fast as

"As fast as" means speed induction. It can be used to mean something like "at the same speed":

  • As fast as you can.
  • He continued to run as fast as he could in the cold air.



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