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Why is it Important to Have an SEO Plan?

Why is it Important to Have an SEO Plan?

In the previous article we talked about "Search Engine Optimization", and now we will move on to how to improve your website step by step.

We recommend that you go through this entire process to be able to create your SEO plan, and know how to set up and modify the plan that best suits your goals.

How to improve your SEO plan step by step

Let's say you want to reach new customers and introduce them to the service of delivering fresh vegetables and fruits from your online farm by a SEO plan.

1. Determine the keywords used in the search

That is, the words that your potential customers use in their searches. Are they looking for an organic product? Or maybe a weekly fresh vegetable delivery? By the way, if you want to know more about keywords used in search, check out our article on choosing keywords.

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2. Focus on topics related to the service you provide or the product you are selling

For example, are you noticing a growing interest in plant-based diets? Are you searching for healthy vegetarian recipes? This will help you make your keywords more specific and more in line with what your customers are searching for.

Make sure to do this step at least once a year as part of your SEO plan. Once you have identified the keywords that are right for you:

  • Watch how your website appears in search results.
  • How many of these words and phrases contributed to your website's inclusion in search engine results?
  • Are there specific topics that discourage searchers from visiting your site?

This information will help you figure out which items are good for you and which are not.

For example, if a common phrase like “fresh vegetables” doesn't direct users to your website, you can address this issue and address it in your SEO plan.

When you spot any gaps in your SEO performance, the first thing you need to do in this case is to think about how to address these gaps, as your website may not have any content about your seasonal delivery service.

Are there no links on the Internet to your website? You can then invite a group of food bloggers to visit your farm in the hope that they will mention your site in their blogs.

Write a list of everything that might contribute to boosting the performance of your SEO plan. Well, you have a big to-do list now, but don't worry! We'll help you set priorities.

It is natural to first address the issues that are most important and affecting your plan, but this strategy does not apply in all cases.

For example, adding an entire section on sustainable farming methods to your site requires a software expert, which will cost you money and time.

Instead, why not just write an article on the topic for the time being and publish it on your site.

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3. Set a deadline for each task

This will help you continue to implement your SEO plan consistently throughout the year. And always make sure to come back to this plan, even after it has been put into action.

No doubt your plan will require many changes over time, but how do you know when it's time to update it?

An easy way to find out is to review the plan every time you make changes to your business, such as launching a new product or redesigning your site.

Also, remember that search engines are constantly evolving and are constantly adding new features and improving algorithms.

For example, the recent period has witnessed many modifications as a result of the growing trend of using mobile devices in searches.

4. Be sure to adjust your plan when you encounter a problem

For example, have you noticed that one of your web pages is not being visited as required by organic search results? This means that the content needs to be updated.

Has your website increased traffic but sales are still low? You may then need to add stronger phrases to motivate the user to buy. Review your results regularly and focus on the items to improve.


Start by selecting keywords to see what your customers are searching for, then use this information to evaluate your performance. Put weaknesses first and focus on finding the right solutions to strengthen them. Never hesitate to reposition your SEO plan to keep pace with any changes in your industry and in the world of search engines.

Finally, we invite you to review our article on SEO, where you will find more detailed information on how to put your plan into action.

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