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How to Choose Keywords for SEO

Choose Keywords for SEO

In this article, we'll discuss what to consider when choosing keywords so you can reach your SEO goals and advance your business.

The goal of keyword research

Choosing keywords is the key factor in successful search engine optimization. So, what's the point of keyword research? Here is the example:

Suppose someone is searching for fresh berries, what words can they use in the search? berries? Or maybe blackberries? Or cranberry? Or raspberry? If you sell fresh berries, it's a good idea to know the terms people often use when searching for berries.

Then take the initiative to align your site's content with what users are searching for on the Internet.

And if you don't, you may not find yourself talking about topics that are far removed from what your potential customers are looking for.

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Choosing keywords for SEO plan

There are three main points that you must take into consideration when choosing keywords for your SEO plan:

1- First, the frequency or number of times the word is used in the search. It is obvious that you choose the terms that are most frequently used in searches and related to your business.

But remember that just using common terms makes it difficult for your business to be distinguished in search results.

2- The competition. If you have a large, well-known website, you may be able to appear in search engine results when you use only popular keywords, such as “fruit” and “vegetable”.

And new sites have great opportunities to appear in search results as well.

It only has to focus on keywords that are far from the atmosphere of competition, especially since only a small number of keywords record high search volume, while there are a huge number of keywords that record low search volume, and they are known as “long keywords” in the world search engines.

While there may be a lot of competition for the word “berries”, you can choose a phrase like “get organic blueberries and deliver them to Dubai” as an example for long keywords that might give you instant results in the SEO process.

For small businesses, “Long Keywords” are often the key to SEO.

Websites put in a lot of effort and time to appear in search results based on popular keywords, while smaller websites can get good rankings with less effort just by using long keywords.

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3- Thirdly and most importantly, it is congruence with respect to the subject. This means that the keywords you choose must closely match what you actually offer.

If someone enters your website looking for fresh vegetables and finds that you only sell fruits, they will leave your site immediately. You have to make sure that your chosen keywords correspond to the topic of your research.

How? For example, you can use Google Search Console to see which pages appear in the search and are clicked on. We write in detail about Google Search Console.


Now, after all your SEO effort, always remember this golden rule: your site content should be visitor friendly, not search engine friendly.

Don't put additional keywords or variations of keywords on your pages, as unnecessarily repeating those words is called “keyword congestion” and is against search engine guidelines.

So, these are the main points that you should always consider when choosing keywords:

  • Repetition
  • Competitiveness
  • Matching

Make sure to follow these three points to ensure success in SEO.

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