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How to Update Google Chrome

How to Update Google Chrome


Cyber Security Recommends Updating Chrome Immediately and a team of cyber security has issued an urgent warning to all Google Chrome users, especially those using version older than 101.0. Targeted to spy on victims.

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  • Cybersecurity issues a high-risk security warning
  • Google urges users to update Chrome browser immediately
  • How to Update Google Chrome

Cybersecurity issues a high-risk security warning

Cybersecurity issues a high-risk security warning targeting all groups of Google Chrome users. With the attack of malicious software exploited by hackers in Google Chrome to access sensitive information of the targets, and the implementation of malicious software, Google has released a new update for its Chrome browser, to address these security vulnerabilities.

So, all users should update Chrome to version 101.0.4951.64 immediately if it is not updated, or it is automatically updated, and below we publish how to perform the update process.


Google urges users to update Chrome browser immediately


Google has published urgent data for all users of its Internet browser, Google Chrome, on all different platforms between smartphones and computers, after it discovered a serious security vulnerability that could cause users' devices to be hacked.

And it was news confirmed that Google discovered a security vulnerability of the type Zero-Day, which is classified as a very dangerous vulnerability and puts users at risk, and therefore the company decided to take quick steps to protect all users.

According to a statement published by Google via the official blog, the Google Chrome browser was updated last Friday, three days ago, in order to protect users from the recently discovered security vulnerability.

As it was confirmed in the application testing laboratories that the risk of copying the application on smartphones with two operating systems Android and iOS as well as computers with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

To protect users, and several hours after the release of new security updates in the Chrome browser, Google appealed to all users of the application on various systems to update immediately.

Although a few days have passed since the arrival of the security updates, ignoring them puts users at risk of hacking their devices and accessing data stored through the browser, including credit card information and account passwords.
Google had detected a rise in attacks using the new vulnerability during the past few hours.

In a related context, the new update in the browser will add some design changes, as users on the computer began to notice a new icon in the toolbar at the top, which will allow the ability to open a mini tab for links that are saved to access them later (read later) or go to favorite links . 


How to Update Google Chrome


1. Google Chrome must be opened on your device.
2. Click on the three dots on the top right of the page.
3. Click on the “Help” option.
4. Click on the About Google Chrome button.
5. The Chrome browser version will open in a subsequent window.
6. Download the latest version of the browser, and you will be able to do this by clicking on the update button

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