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How to Turn off Tracking on Android

Turn off Tracking on Android

Feel insecure and don't want your Android to be tracked? If privacy is important to you, then you'll want to know how to Turn off Tracking on Android.

In this article we will learn you how to turn off tracking on android also we will talk about Should you must worry about location tracking?


How to turn off tracking on android?

If you are using android There are two methods you can use as follows :

  1. Changing  location permissions on your android device 
  2. Disable the location tracking on your android device

Here are how to change or disable location permissions on your android device:


1. Changing  location permissions on your android device 

Android is more complicated, because different phones use different versions of Google's operating system.

Google has instructions for managing location settings for different versions of Android.

1. Go to the Settings app.

2. Tap on Location.

3. Click on App Location Permissions.

  • You will see which apps have access to your location and the level of their access.

4. Now by click on an individual app lets you modify permissions.

Android has settings for always, never and only when you're using the app.

  • You can also designate that the app asks you for permission every time you launch it.

2. Disable the location tracking on your android device

The easiest and bluntest way to stop your phone from tracking you is to turn off location services altogether.

However, this will result in you losing access to any apps and functions that require location services.

You can also specify which specific location services to disable (as there are a few), which apps use your location and when, and whether your location history is stored. We've broken them all down.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Location
  3. Turn location to off

Now you disabled your location services completely.


Should you must worry about location tracking?


To be fair to both your phone and to Google, location services can not only be useful, but also potentially lifesaving.

Obviously, everyday apps like Google Maps access your location to provide you with directions, but there are also functions like Emergency Location Services which pings your location to emergency services when they're dialed or messaged that can provide you with the service you need.

All the same, for peace of mind, it's best to know how to turn off location tracking and services altogether if you want, even if you don't keep them turned off all the time or prefer to mix and match which ones you leave enabled. That way, you're in control.

There are reports that have emerged recently stating that the feature of using the site is used for illegal purposes and without the knowledge of users, and this was very clear during the Corona pandemic, but is the location feature primarily an advantage or a trick to fall into the trap of tracking.

Regardless, these reports drive home a common reality about the phones we carry around in our pockets.

They're collecting a lot of data about our whereabouts and a lot of the time, they're doing so without us really knowing about it

In recent years, Apple and Google makers of the two most prevalent software platforms for smartphones have taken steps that give you more control over managing your location as well as limiting what data apps can share and ultimately sell to other people.

But managing those preferences can be pretty time-consuming, with those restrictions only going so far.

After all, a mapping program that's denied access to your location won't be very effective in helping you navigate or find businesses in your vicinity.

Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to check out your location permission to see just which apps are accessing your whereabouts. Here's a broad overview of what you're able to manage.

After all, with the recent news about the sale of location data in mind, how secure can you really feel that data pinning you down to specific places at precise times is being handled safely and responsibly? 

If you got here, tell us what you think about this feature in the comments below.

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