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Tell Me About Something Not on Your CV? - Interview Question

Tell Me About Something Not on Your CV?  

Dears, don't worry about this question, we've got you covered; Keep reading to find out how to address this question "tell me about something not on your CV?".

Tell me about something not on your CV?


After you finish learning the interview questions, you move on to practicing those tough behavioral questions; Your strengths, your weaknesses questions, and in fact you begin to explore every detail of everything you mentioned on your resume.

But hey! What if the interviewer isn't interested in your resume at all? What if he left this paper aside and asked, “What should I know about you that is not on your resume?” What should the interviewer know about you that is not on your resume? Have you ever wondered about it? If not, then start doing it, because this is one of the favorite questions of the interviewees.

Some other formulas


There are many forms of the question "What should I know about you that is not on your CV?" Which has an answer emanating from this article, including:

  • Tell me about yourself outside of your submitted CV?
  • Tell me about you other than what is written here?
  • What should I know other than what is written in the CV?
  • What should I know about you that is not on your CV?
  • Tell me about you that is not on your CV?

Why does the interviewer ask you this question?


Hiring managers ask “tell me about something not on your CV?” to get a sense of who you are, rather than just your work experiences and accomplishments.

They also give you a chance to tell them something important but doesn't fit into a traditional resume format like what drives you or what you're passionate about outside of the 9-5 year range.


How to prepare for the answer


To prepare for the question “What should I know about you that is not on your resume?” One of your positive traits must first be discussed. Think about the following:

  • Your creativity, your enthusiasm, your perseverance, your dedication, the only word that makes you you.
  • Emphasize the strength or skill necessary for the job (this is not on your resume).
  • Talk about volunteer or extracurricular experience that you can associate with the position (this is not on your resume). 
  • List something you accomplished at your current job that is no longer on your resume.

Examples of answering the question


Sample responses can help you carefully understand how to answer. Consider these sample answers to help inspire you to prepare your own answer:

In my previous position as an office manager, I discovered that the company was spending thousands of dollars annually on office supplies that no one used. In my own time, I went through previous orders and identified which products were used most and least, then negotiated a more favorable contract with the seller who covered the most used supplies at a discount. Then I changed our ordering system to reduce waste. This saved the company $8,000 during the first quarter alone.

For me, this is not just another administrative assistant job. I love that by working at an animal shelter, I will do my part to take care of animals that are in dire need of help. Since I was little, my family has adopted and looked after cats and dogs. I currently have two dogs, both of whom I adopted from local shelters.

You can see from my resume that my sales team exceeded their annual target by 15%. One of the keys to this success was my desire to make more sales calls to staff to help close deals with major clients. It meant more late evenings to catch up on administrative duties, but it was worth it.

One of the experiences I left off my resume was the time I spent as a tour guide on campus. In this role, I led group tours of prospective students and their families around the school and spoke about my experiences as a current student. I knew what they were going through because I was in their shoes three years ago. I became an expert in my college to help young people feel more confident about their future education. As I'm applying for the copywriter position, I've chosen to focus my resume on writing and editing experiences that taught me the basic principles I use every day. However, my job as a tour guide has improved my ability to empathize with others and anticipate customer needs, which are essential to this position.
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