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How to Reach Local Customers Through Their Mobile

How to Reach Local Customers Through Their Mobile

Many of us use smartphones, how about we talk about mobile devices, and how can they help connect your business with your customers near you? We'll show you how mobile technologies — from maps and apps, to paid ads targeting those near you — can help you bring more customers to your door.

How can mobile devices help connect your business with your customers near you?


Today many people walk with their smartphone in their pocket, and since you are a business owner, you can take advantage of that to reach customers near you.

First, let's look at how mobile works with a local business. Surely all of us have already used mobile devices to find the nearest store near us.

Let's say you're riding your bike around town, and its chain breaks all of a sudden, if you have your phone, you'll probably start looking for the nearest bike shop.


So, if you own that store, or any other type of business, what can you do to increase your chances of showing up when people need you?

First of all, of course, you should make sure that your business is listed in local directories, review sites and search engines, and perhaps take advantage of some local advertising opportunities as well.

How to harness the power of mobile devices to bring in local customers 


The first thing you need to do is make sure that your site looks good on mobile devices, and includes your contact information. Then, you can take advantage of some of the things that are restricted to mobile devices.

For example, some people allow websites and apps to use a “GPS” feature, which can locate them and direct them to where they want to go (such as that bike shop).

Or, if the site had an app that people could install on their smartphones, it would be able to use the GPS feature to send messages—like sale alerts—when potential customers are within a certain distance of a store.

Drawing on the capabilities of these applications allows customers to schedule repairs in advance, find answers to common questions or even order bicycle accessories.


The app can also send reminders of cool store events, such as a monthly group bike ride or free maintenance.

Another popular way to work with GPS enabled phones is local advertising, where paid advertising programs help you target the right customer, at the right time and, most recently, at the right place.

Let's say someone hasn't installed your app yet, or maybe they don't even know you exist, and if they're near you and are looking for bikes on their phone, with local search, your ad can appear high in search results; Because your store is close by, related to what he's looking for.

Remember that local advertising opportunities can be found elsewhere as well, not just on the major search engines, local advertising can be through social media sites, directories, comment sites, etc., which is a good cost-effective way to reach local customers.

How do you integrate mobile with local activity?


First, to get started, make sure that your customers can reach you online, using any device, and that they have a good experience whether they are using a laptop or desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Then consider using mobile technology, such as GPS and other applications; To motivate your customers with local features and offers.

Finally, if you're running your ad locally, you can target people near you and while they're on the move through your campaigns.

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