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How to Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked

Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked

Do you feel that something is wrong with your phone? Think you were hacked?

In this article we will learn about how to protect your phone from being hacked as follow:

  • What is the reason behind phone hacks?
  • Common methods used for hacking
  • Common damages of hacking software to your phone
  • Tips to prevent your phone from being hacked

What is the reason behind phone hacks?


What is the reason behind phone hacks? and why are hackers looking after your phone? The truth is that your data is a treasure trove.

Because it contains photos, years of correspondence with friends and family, along with more email from banks, online retailers, doctors, contractors, business contacts, and more.

Overall, your data packs a great deal of personal information into one place, which makes you a big prize for hackers.

With all the advancements in phishing attacks and malware, bad actors no longer need physical access to your devices to wreak havoc. 

For example, a student can log into your accounts as you do, spam your contacts with phishing attacks, add new transmission lines, and even order new credit cards.


Common methods used for hacking


Feel something is wrong. Your phone may lose its charging method very quickly.

Or one day it suddenly starts turning itself off and on again. Maybe it's hot, so it's hard to deal with.

Likewise, you may see outgoing calls you've never called before or strange spikes in data usage. These signs may mean that your smartphone has been hacked.

Many signs of a possible smartphone hack can seem like a technical issue, at least on the surface.
However, the truth is that these issues could be a symptom of a deeper problem, like malware installed on your smartphone.

Malware can eat up system resources or interfere with other apps and your operating system, all of which can cause your phone to perform slow or erratic.

Whether hackers are actually hacking your phone or tricking you into installing it via a fake app, a sketchy website, or a phishing attack, hacking software can create problems for you in common ways like.


1. Keylogging 

In the hands of hackers, Keylogging acts as a stalker by snooping on information as you type, click and even talk on your phone.

2. Trojans 

Trojans are types of malware that can hide themselves in your phone to extract important data, such as credit card account details or personal information.


3. Encryption tools 

Similar to Trojans, this program hides on the device. From there, it harnesses the computing power of the device to “mining” cryptocurrencies.

Although cryptocurrency mining is illegal, using a “cryptojacking” device without the owner’s consent is definitely illegal.


Common damages of hacking software to your phone


1. Performance issues 

You will probably find some of the signs we mentioned earlier.
But is your device running slower, is it hard to load web pages and apps, or does your battery never seem to hold a charge?

These are also all signs that you might have malware running in the background, putting pressure on your phone's resources.


2. Phone always be hot 

Like the problem above, malware or mining apps running in the background can burn additional computing power (and data).
Malware and mining apps can cause your phone to get hot or even overheat.


3. Ambiguous applications or data 

Check if you find apps you didn't download or calls, texts and emails you didn't send, then your phone might already be hacked.
Or a hacker may have hijacked your phone to send high-priced calls or messages or to spread malware to your contacts. Likewise, if you see spikes in data usage, that could be a sign of a hack as well.


4. Pop-ups or changes to your screen 

Malware can also be behind unwanted pop-ups, changes to your home screen, or bookmarks to suspicious websites. In fact, if you see any configuration changes that you haven't personally made, this is another big clue that your smartphone has been hacked.


Tips to prevent your phone from being hacked


While there are several ways a hacker can gain access to your phone and steal personal and critical information, here are some tips to prevent this from happening:


1. Use comprehensive online protection software on your phone 

Installing online protection on your smartphone gives you the first line of defense against attacks.


2. Update your phone and its apps 

Updates can fix vulnerabilities that cybercriminals rely on to launch their malware-based attacks and keep your phone and apps running smoothly.


3. Be more secure on the go with a VPN

One way to make a public network private is to use a VPN, which can keep you and everything you do protected from others on that Wi-Fi hotspot.


4. Encrypt your phone 

Your cell phone's encryption can prevent you from being hacked and can protect your calls, messages, and important information.


5. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use 

There are many attacks that a well-equipped, specialized hacker can perform on devices where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are open and discoverable.

So turning it off can protect your privacy in some situations as well.


6. Stay away from third party app stores 

Some third party websites may intentionally host malicious apps as part of a broader fraud.

Sure, cyber-criminals have found ways to get around the Google and Apple review process, yet the chances of downloading a secure app from them are much greater than anywhere else.

Moreover, both Google and Apple are quick to remove detected malicious apps as soon as they are detected, thus making their stores more secure.

7. Scan your device for malware and viruses

You have to scan your device for malware and viruses periodically and continuously through specialized programs such as McAfee antivirus.



If you are worried about your phone being hacked Do the following:

  • Install and run the security program on your smartphone if you haven't already done so.
  • Delete any applications you didn't download, delete risky scripts, and then run your mobile security software again.
  • If you are still having issues, then webing and restoring your phone is an option, but you have to back up your photos, contacts, and other vital information to avoid any data lost.
  • Finally, check your accounts and balance to see if any unauthorized purchases had been made, if so, you can go through the process of freezing those accounts and issue new cards and credentials. Moreover,
  • Update the passwords of your accounts with a strong password.

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