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Points Between Business English and General English

Business English and General English

The basics of business English and general English are the same whether you're talking about the great movie you saw yesterday or the important meeting you had.

Most of us learn general English but don't worry if you've been learning "normal" English all this time, you need to know basic English reading, writing and speaking skills to learn business English well.

We have written some points to clarify Business English and General English.

Points Between Business English and General English


Differences found in vocabulary and topics of conversation, Professional English focuses on communicating clearly in the work environment with co-workers, clients, your boss or any other person relevant to the business.

  • Business English means knowing how to make phone calls, write reports, participate during meetings and be part of your daily office routine.
  • General English means anything informal such as sitting with friends, family and relatives, in the clearest sense any speaking outside the framework of work.

Now here are some important points:


1- Level of focus

One of the main differences between Business English and general English when it comes to differentiating between Business English and General English is because of its specificity.

People who learn General English usually remain at the same level with others, while those who learn Business English progress further to acquire relevant skills and techniques. People who learn Business English generally apply these lessons at certain levels to test their new knowledge and abilities.


2- Different terms

As 'Business English', people who want to learn this specific communication skill should expect to use certain terms that distinguish it from general English. These terms are naturally related to business and industry where the learner needs to focus.

On the other hand, people who learn general English may not find the need to learn specific terms since they are only obligated to use purely basic conversational terms.


3- Different purposes

Business English and General English serve different purposes. General English focuses more on everyday conversation and involves the use of basic vocabulary and grammar. Leaning more on a casual tone.

On the other hand, Business English is more comprehensive and specific. It is mainly used as a language tool for business, as it is applied in a more professional context. Learning Business English can be empowering for individuals who desire their professional growth, and it helps enrich one's personal development which may open the door to new opportunities.


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