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Interview Question “Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Why do you want to work here? It's a common interview question, but also one that can be challenging to answer, especially when trying to wing.

Don't prepare a strong response to this risky question because it may make all the difference in whether a potential employer extends an offer of employment to you - or not.


Why do you want to work here?


Why is this interview question so important? Think about it from an employer's point of view: The business wants to hire someone who believes strongly in the company's mission and wants to make a positive impact on the organization and its clients or customers. 

Also, find a strong suitable candidate for the position and the company can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Therefore, hiring managers want to help the employer realize a good return on their investment.


Some other formulas


Some common formulas related to the question “Why do you want to work here?” in a job interview, which you can use this article to answer:

  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?
  • Why did you choose to work with us?

Why does the interviewer ask you this question?

The interviewer searches for similar things, whether by asking about the company or the position. The interviewer wants to:

  • Acknowledge your career goals and how this position fits into your plan.
  • Ensure that you are genuinely interested in the job and will be motivated to perform if hired.
  • Find out what you know about the company, the industry, the job (and if you've taken the time to research).
  • To understand your priorities and preferences - which aspects of the company and/or job suit you and why?

However, you should approach each part of the question differently, and you will need to build the foundation for your answers by researching the company.


How to prepare for the answer


Beware of generic answers! If what you say could apply to a large number of other companies, or if your response makes you sound like every other candidate, you are missing out on an opportunity to stand out.

  • Point out something that makes the company unique that really appeals to you.
  • Talk about how you've watched the company grow and change since you first heard about it.
  • Focus on the organization's opportunities for future growth and how you can contribute to it.
  • Share what made you excited about your interactions with employees so far.

Whichever path you choose, be sure to be specific. And if you can't figure out why you want to work for the company you're interviewing with when you're doing really well at the hiring process? It may be a red flag telling you that this situation is not appropriate.

Examples to answer the question

Some of the answers you can provide for specific situations include:

I firmly believe in a collaborative approach to every project so when I saw a job with your company to join the production team I knew I had to apply. I've seen your work in theatrical productions, and the teamwork at work has inspired me. I love working with a team to achieve a common goal, and I know my background in production prepared me for this role. I look forward to becoming a valuable contributor to this wonderful team.

I read an article a few months ago about outreach that your company does within the community. Giving back and volunteering is an important part of my personal values, and I remember feeling excited that the company values the community as much as I do. This excitement grew when I saw that there was a job opportunity in my field here. I really like coming to work every day, knowing that I am helping to make a difference in the community through my work here.

Your company's reputation would make any ambitious person apply immediately, and I would be very proud to be one of the cabin crew team.

I have seen your company consistently listed as one of the best places to work. I've read employee testimonials and heard about your enthusiasm for encouraging employee growth through education, training, and tremendous resources. I already know that related employees produce better work, and this is evident in the most recent campaign I created. I want to join your innovative team, continue to create great work, and grow within the company by learning new skills.

I first found your company several years ago, and I've been inspired by your brand's style. You're marketing yourselves to a millennial audience, which I can connect with. After following and observing your business opportunities for several years while working my way up at a smaller marketing company, I believe I am now ready to join your exceptional team, promoting and driving a brand that is a natural extension of my own beliefs.

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