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Interview Question - What are You Looking for in a New Job?

What are You Looking for in a New Job?

One of the main questions an employer is likely to ask during an interview is “What are you looking for in a new job?” What is the best way to answer this question? It is important that your answer is honest, factual and showcases the skills you possess that are important to the role in question.

What are you looking for in a new job?

One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is to practice your answers to common questions, because sometimes the “easy” questions can be a bit difficult. 

One is, “What are you looking for in a new job?” Follow these tips to answer a common interview question.


Some other forms of the question

There are many versions of this question, including:

  • What are you looking for in a new position"
  • What are you looking for in your next job?" What are you looking for in your next job?
  • Why do you want to work in a new job?
  • What good thing do you want in the next job?
  • What new thing do you want in the upcoming jobs?

Why does the interviewer ask you this question?


The interviewer wants to know if your goals match the company. Your answer also allows the interviewer to see if your skills and interests make you a good candidate for the job you do.

They may also try to determine if you will be a good fit for the company in the long run. Are you looking for an opportunity to grow with an organization - or will your plans take you to another employer soon?


How to prepare for the answer


To successfully answer the question “What are you looking for in a new job?” consider your goals as they relate to the position.

While your answer should always be honest, it should also explain how you will add value to the company.

This means doing your research before a job interview and learning as much as possible about the organization and career path you might take there. 

How you respond will affect how you progress in the hiring process, but in general, this is probably not your best option. 

To play it safer and to be accurate, follow these four steps. Remember, you want to be honest but diplomatic.

  • Start with your skills.
  • Connect with your long-term goals.
  • Conclude with something about the company.
  • Explain your motives.

Examples of answering the question


When asked, “What are you looking for in a new job?” consider these sample answers to help inspire you to prepare your own:

I've honed my data analysis skills for a few years now, and above all, I'm looking for a job where I can continue to practice those skills.

I am definitely looking for a position in which I can develop - professional development is something really important to me as I hope to take on management responsibilities in the future.

To sum it up, I love a position where I can use my skills to make an impact that I can see with my own eyes. Of course, location is only part of the equation. Being in a company where I can grow and work toward something that I care about things too. The intersection of data and education inspires me, and I'm really excited about this opportunity.

I am looking for a job where I can use my written communication skills. As a marketing assistant at your company, I will be able to apply my years of experience as a successful grant writer and be able to write the types of material I enjoy working on the most.

I hope to land a job that will give me the opportunity to increase sales at an already successful company, like yours. I'm looking for an opportunity to use the skills I've developed during my years in marketing to engage your sales team, increase productivity, and international sales.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with an innovative and successful company like yours. I look forward to using my technology expertise to help simplify the company's products for a more successful implementation.
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