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Interview Question - Sell Me This Pen

Sell Me This Pen

You're in a job interview for a sales job, and things are going well. Then the interviewer presents the question you were expecting, “Sell me this pen.”

It's hard to think quickly at first, and when combined with the fact that you're on your nerves, it's common to draw a blank and stare at this pen just as crumbling.


Sell me this pen


Fortunately, like any other type of job interview question, a little preparation and practice can help you get your answer out.

So what do you need to know to effectively answer the “sell me this pen” interview question? We cover all the details here.

Some other formulas

Some common formulas related to the “sell me this pen” question in a job interview, which you can use this article to answer:

  • Sell me something?
  • How do you sell to customers?

Why does the interviewer ask you this question?


As you might imagine, this type of question is frequently asked in sales position interviews. While the pen is a common default object, this is not the only scenario for this type of sales claim. 

The interviewer might say, “Sell me this water bottle” or even simply, “Sell me something” and then choose an item in the room and announce your offer.

 It's tempting to think that they're only asking to confuse you or put you in a difficult situation, and frankly, that's partly true. In any kind of sales role, you will sometimes find yourself in difficult situations. 


So interviewers don't ask this question with the expectation of getting an impeccable answer (although that certainly wouldn't hurt!). Instead, they simply want to note how you react under stress.


How to prepare for an answer


It's comforting to know that employers care more about your general behavior as opposed to just the content of your response. So, when answering the question “sell me this pen” you must:


1- Be confident

Remember that the main reason the interviewer asks you is to gauge how well you respond when you feel stressed or upset.


2- Highlight the need

In a famous scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio's character tells the salesperson, "Sell me this pen." The seller immediately takes the pen from DiCaprio and then asks him to write his name, which is impossible to do without any type of writing instrument.

For a strong temptation to enter into a long-term sales pitch. Remember that a good salesperson takes the time to learn about the needs, goals, and challenges of their potential customers so that they can tailor their offer to their audience.


 3- Talk about the features and benefits

In addition to tying your sales presentation to specific needs, it is also useful to draw attention to the features or advantages of whatever you have been asked to sell. This is all about preparing a unique value proposition for that item.

4- Don't forget to end the topic

The last part of your response is the one where you can really end on a strong note and make a lasting impression,

So don't fall into the trap of leaning on something flimsy like, "Okay, that's how I'm going to sell the pen," but you can say like this, "It will sell out. 

With its comfortable grip and smooth ink, this pen can help you increase your writing speed, save valuable time in your workday, and accomplish More business. Should we go ahead with your application?"


Examples of answering the question


Typical answers to "sell this pen to me" using the method of direct interrogation and personalization in their presentation.

Example 1
  • Candidate: If you don't mind me asking, when was the last time you used a pen?
  • Interviewer: I used one about two hours ago.
  • Candidate: And why were you using it?
  • Interviewer: Well, I had to take notes during a conference call.
  • Candidate: Well, now, can you tell me about a time when a pen let you down?
  • Interviewer: Last week I was writing notes with a pen that kept running out of ink. I had to go back to my office to get a new one.
  • Candidate: That's awful, you don't have to go through that.
  • Interviewer: Yes, I know that.
  • Candidate: You seem like someone who has a lot of responsibilities on your hands. As the backbone of this company, you're always walking around, in and out of meetings, am I right?
  • Interviewer: Yes, I go around every day
  • Candidate: Well with your busy schedule, you don't have to worry about whether or not your pen is reliable. This pen right here, (holds the pen) you'll never run out. It has a refillable ink compartment and every buyer will get ten free ink refills with their purchase. This is enough ink to run this pen for two years or more. And if you buy one today, you'll get another pen at 50% off. So what do you say? Are you ready for your life to get easier?
 Example 2
  • Interviewer: Sell me this pencil.
  • Candidate: Since when have you wanted to buy a pencil?
  • Interviewer: I don't want that.
  • Candidate: Have you ever bought pencils?
  • Interviewer: My supervisor handles this.
  • Candidate: That's great. Is cost more important to her, or quality? 
  • Interviewer: I am not sure.
  • Candidate: Well, I'd like to talk to her. Traditionally, I save customers 10% to 30% on pencils of all quality ranges. Can we make a call?

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