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How to Writing an Email to Book a Room in English

Writing an email to reserve a room

Writing an Email to book a room is written letters of reservation of a place, usually an event, conference, activity, hotel or restaurant. In most cases, a reservation letter is written as a direct request to request a place or in response to an invitation. Depending on the scenario, you may have to write a letter verbatim, or there may be a form to fill out.

In modern days and with the advancement of technology, most of the reservations are made over the phone or the internet. However, in cases where you do not have access to a phone or have a unique request, it is best to write a reservation letter.


What you need to do to write an email to book a room?


To write an email to book a room first, do the preparation job first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises. When traveling, we always stay in hotels. For this reason it is recommended to pay attention to the following:

1. We should start with Dear Sir/Madam, then write the first letter like these examples:

  • I would like to book a double room for the month of August 2020.
  • I need an air-conditioned room with bath and shower which faces the sea.
  • I should be grateful if you would confirm my booking as soon as possible.
  • Please give me an indication of your rates per night including full board.
  • Should you have no vacancies please could you give me the address of a suitable hotel in your area?

2. Then add the word "Yours faithfully" and under it "the signature" and then "the name", and complete message as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to book a double room for the month of August 2002.
Yours faithfully,

Jennifer O'Brian


Third, here are useful phrases that you can use or quote:

  1. I would like to book ...
  2. I am looking for a suitable hotel near the station.
  3. To book/to reserve.
  4. Have you reserved seats for the concert?
  5. To hire a car.
  6. I would require ...
  7. I would be grateful ...
  8. Could you supply me with a warm blanket?
  9. For the week/month of ...
  10. For three weeks from 14th May.
  11. For coming next month.
  12. From 20th July on wards.
  13. A room with bath and shower.
  14. A room with a child's bed.
  15. A room with bath and shower.
  16. An air-conditioned room.
  17. A room which faces the sea.
  18. I would be grateful if you would confirm this reservation.
  19. Please answer as soon as possible.
  20. Including full board.
  21. Including half board.
  22. Breakfast/evening meal.
  23. Bed & Breakfast.
  24. Should you have no vacancies ...
  25. To book a room at the Sea Hotel.
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